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All About USAA Auto Insurance Claim Time Limits

photo of insurance claim form and person holding a pen

Getting into a car accident and having to file a claim is never a good time. Not knowing how long the claim process will take can be stressful. If you’re wondering how long the USAA auto insurance claim time limit is, keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the process. How Long […]

What Is the Texas Minimum Car Insurance?

Whether you’re insuring your vehicle for the first time, you just moved to Texas, or you simply want to know more about what Texas minimum car insurance looks like, you’ve come to the right place. Insuring your car in Texas is easy, but doing it in a smart way may take a little more research. […]

What Are Texas Car Insurance Laws?

texas car insurance laws

If you’re a new driver in Texas or you’ve recently moved to the Lone Star State, you should get to know the basics of Texas car insurance laws to make sure you’re staying legal on the road and protecting yourself financially. How much you want to protect yourself and your wallet is up to you, […]

All About Tesla Lease Insurance Requirements

A new Tesla Model 3 all electric vehicle driving down a country road

Leasing a vehicle like a Tesla can be a great option for drivers who want to be behind the wheel of the latest and greatest models. Once you’re done with your leased vehicle, you can simply replace it with another. However, that’s only true if you follow the rules of your lease agreement. Failing to […]

State Farm Umbrella Insurance

Travel, road trip and black people couple driving by countryside for holiday, journey and freedom with happiness. Trendy sunglasses, fashion and gen z friends in a car drive for vacation lifestyle.

Do you need to know about State Farm’s Umbrella Insurance? Perhaps you need to know if this coverage is right for you. Keep reading to find out what Personal Umbrella Insurance is and whether or not you need it. This article will discuss what’s covered by Umbrella Insurance and how much a policy from State […]

Stolen Car Insurance Claim Denied

A car is an expensive possession for many people, so it can be a traumatizing experience to have it stolen, especially with electronic devices and other valuables inside. It can also be quite inconvenient if you require a vehicle for daily travel. It can be reassuring to an extent to have comprehensive insurance coverage for […]

Stand Alone Umbrella Insurance

Car insurance and safety assurance concept, modern red automobile under blue umbrella, isolated on white background

You might want to consider buying stand alone umbrella insurance if you require higher liability coverage than the limits provided by your regular auto, home, or other insurance policies. It can be a financial safeguard since it can be hard to predict how much compensation you may have to pay if the court finds you […]

Rental Car Liability Insurance

A car dealer or sales manager offers to sell a car and explains the terms of signing a car and insurance contract.

When you’re renting a car, the last thing you want to worry about is whether or not you’re covered in the event of an accident. Many people assume that their standard car insurance policy will cover them when driving a rental car, but this is often not the case. In fact, most standard car insurance […]

Progressive vs. Travelers Insurance

progressive vs travelers insurance

If you’re looking for insurance, you may be wondering whether Progressive or Travelers is the better choice. These companies are both well known and have a lot to offer consumers. But which one is best for you? This guide will compare and contrast these two companies to help you decide which one is right for […]

Pure Insurance vs. Chubb: Which To Choose

Agent man presentation and consulting car insurance detail to customer and waiting for his reply to finish.

High net worth individuals and families have complex and distinct needs when it comes to Insurance. This means they need an insurance company that truly understands their lifestyle and can provide them with the coverage they need. PURE and Chubb are two of the most popular insurance companies that cater to this market. But which […]