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How Does Car Insurance Work When You’re At Fault?

How does car insurance work when you're at fault?

If you or someone you know has been involved in a car accident, you may have heard the phrase “at fault” used. Across the United States, there are no-fault states and at-fault states. A no-fault state means that you rely on your own car insurance to pay for any property damage or medical bills, regardless […]

How Long Does Gap Insurance Last?

Young smiling happy cool woman 20s she wear green shirt white t-shirt hold steering wheel driving car look aside hold hand at forehead isolated on plain pastel light pink background studio portrait

Questioning how long your GAP coverage will last? Perhaps you want to know if you can cancel or refund your GAP Coverage. Keep reading, and we’ll answer all of your questions about GAP Insurance! By the end of the article, you’ll know the basics of GAP Insurance Coverage, plus a couple of pro tips to […]

A Higher Deductible Can Mean a Lower Premium on Your Car Insurance

A high deductible can mean a lower premium on your car insurance.

When you purchase car insurance, many decisions must be made regarding coverage. While most states mandate that you carry a set minimum of liability insurance to cover bodily injury and property damage to the other driver, the rest of the insurance decisions are up to you. What type of coverage do you want to have? […]

Is High Deductible Car Insurance Worth It?

Is car insurance tax deductible?

When purchasing car insurance, you’ll have many decisions to make. There’s no one-size-fits-all policy, so you’ll have to figure out what best fits your particular needs, requirements, and budget. While most states mandate a minimum liability coverage for bodily injury and property damage, other aspects of your car insurance coverage are up to you. Your […]

The Hartford Car Insurance Reviews

hartford car insurance reviews

When it comes to auto insurance coverage, there are lots of options available today. One of those options is from The Hartford, an insurance company with a long, rich history of offering various coverages with excellent customer service and available discounts. During your research, check out The Hartford car insurance reviews to determine if their […]

Does GEICO Offer Temporary Car Insurance Coverage?

Does GEICO offer temporary car insurance?

Car insurance helps protect you after a car accident by paying medical bills, property damage, or repairs for your vehicle, depending on the coverage you have under your policy. One thing you may not have considered before is temporary car insurance, which covers you and your vehicle for a shorter time. You may want to […]

Buying GAP Insurance Through the Dealership

Buying GAP insurance through a dealership.

Buying GAP insurance through a dealership is an option if you owe more on your vehicle than the car’s depreciated value. GAP insurance is optional insurance available through insurance companies and dealerships. GAP insurance covers the cost difference of what the car is worth and the total amount left on your loan or lease if […]

Florida Car Insurance Laws

florida car insurance laws

Florida car insurance laws dictate that every driver must purchase a minimum amount of car insurance to operate a vehicle on state roadways legally. Depending on your driver history, you might pay more or less than other drivers to meet the state’s car insurance requirements. What Are Florida’s Car Insurance Requirements? When registering a car, […]

Gap Insurance California

Gap Insurance Car License Plate Policy Coverage Loan Loss Balance 3d Illustration

Guaranteed Asset Protection, or GAP insurance, is a helpful tool to protect yourself if you still owe money on your auto loan or lease and the car is stolen or totaled. California drivers might consider purchasing GAP insurance, even though state law doesn’t require the added coverage. What Is GAP Insurance? GAP insurance is optional […]

Can I Have Two Car Insurance Policies at the Same Time?

can i have two car insurances at the same time

If you have ever been in a car accident, you know how expensive the repair and medical bills can be — especially if you’re the at-fault driver. Even with insurance, you might end up paying money out of pocket. You have a deductible to meet, and the expenses could exceed your coverage limits. You could also […]