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How To Make a Tesla Insurance Claim (With Claim Types)

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If you’re a Tesla owner, you may consider learning about how the insurance claims process works so that you can be prepared in the event of an accident. Below, you can discover how to start and manage a Tesla Insurance claim and learn what types of claims you can file within the app.

How To Start and Manage a Tesla Insurance Claim

Never submit your Tesla Insurance claim at the scene of the accident unless it’s safe to do so. You should always call 911 in emergency situations and handle any cases of bodily injury first. Once you, your passengers, and all other involved parties are out of harm’s way, you can collect photographic evidence of the scene and use it to start your claim.

Note that you don’t have to complete all parts of the claim filing process at once. You can fill in some details, exit the app, and return to your claim later in the day. However, it’s important to file your claim as quickly as possible so that Tesla Insurance doesn’t question whether your vehicle actually sustained its damage from the accident.

Here are steps you can take to start and manage a Tesla Insurance claim through the app:

  1. Open the Tesla app.
  2. Click on the icon for your profile picture.
  3. Tap “Account.”
  4. Tap “Insurance.”
  5. Tap “Manage.”
  6. Select the “Claims” option.
  7. Provide written details about the claim.
  8. Submit any photos that you have that show the damage the accident caused.
  9. Click on areas of primary and secondary damage on the representation of the car in the app.
  10. Submit your claim.

If you prefer to speak to a person to make your claim, you can call the Tesla Claims team at 1-844-34-TESLA (Monday through Friday, 7:00AM to 5:30PM PT). While you can have a live person walk you through the process, you may spend time on hold waiting for someone to become available. You may have a more efficient filing experience when you initiate your claim on the Tesla app.

What Types of Insurance Claims Can You File Within the Tesla App?

As you’re processing your claim, the Tesla app will inquire about what type of claim you want to file. This can help the team determine what personnel to assign to your case. Here are the different types of insurance claims you can file within the Tesla app:

Accident or Collision

An accident or collision claim can encompass several circumstances. For example, it’s the right claim to file if you’ve been involved in a collision with another vehicle. It’s also applicable if your vehicle has unintentionally flipped or rolled onto its side or roof due to poor road conditions. Finally, an accident or collision claim is appropriate to file if your vehicle has collided with a stationary object like a tree or median while you were driving it.


A comprehensive claim encompasses all parts of your vehicle that sustained damage from anything other than a collision. You may file a comprehensive claim if any part of your vehicle has sustained damage due to theft, vandalism, a falling object, a natural disaster, or a wild animal.


You can initiate a roadside claim if you’re unable to drive your vehicle. This kind of claim is helpful in the event of a flat tire or another unforeseen problem. You may also request assistance if you’ve been locked out of your vehicle or have an unexpected breakdown due to the lack of proximity to a charging station.

Glass Only

A glass-only claim is useful for chips in your vehicle’s glass components. You may choose to file your claim if your vehicle has damage to its rear window, side windows, or windshield. This kind of claim is applicable to glass-related damage that requires repair or replacement.

What To Do After You File a Tesla Insurance Claim If Your Vehicle Is Drivable

If your vehicle is drivable, you have a couple of options after you file a Tesla Insurance claim. You may choose a location that can handle your repairs. A Tesla Service Center can handle small-scale repairs, but you’ll likely have to visit a Tesla Collision Center to repair more extensive damage. If you cannot find a Tesla location that’s in your area, you may find a Tesla-Approved Collision Center. This kind of external partner doesn’t belong to Tesla, but its team members have received ample training so that they can complete the high-quality work necessary to make your Tesla as good as new.

Before you bring your vehicle to any repair center, you can request a repair estimate within the Tesla app. When you submit a request for an estimate, be sure to include your claim number. Then, you can add photos of the damage and your vehicle identification number in the body of your request.

What To Do After You File a Tesla Insurance Claim If Your Vehicle Is Not Drivable

If you cannot drive your vehicle, you have a couple of options. If you filed a roadside claim, you can call Tesla’s roadside assistance team and give them your claim number. They should be out to assist with a vehicle lockout or tow your vehicle to a nearby service center.

You may also request a rental car. Contact the Tesla team to reserve a rental vehicle. Note that any reservation may take up to one full business day to process, so you may need to make other arrangements for transportation while you wait for your reservation to receive approval.

How Do You Know What Your Current Tesla Insurance Policy Will Cover?

Tesla Insurance offers different policies to meet customers’ diverse preferences and needs. You can confirm what your coverage level is by accessing your policy documents. Locate these documents by first clicking on your profile picture within the Tesla app. Click on the following options in order: “Account, “Insurance,” “Manage,” “Claims,” and “Documents.” You may also log into your Tesla account online and access your documents there.

What Will Happen If Tesla Insurance Claims Your Vehicle as a Total Loss?

The definition of a total loss varies depending on where you live. Some states define it as when the anticipated salvage value plus the expected repair costs exceed the vehicle’s market value. Your Tesla Claims Adjuster will determine whether your vehicle is a total loss and provide options for proceeding.

We hope that the information in this guide can help you more easily navigate a Tesla Insurance claim in the event your vehicle sustains damage.

FIXD Research Team

At FIXD, our mission is to make car ownership as simple, easy, and affordable as possible. Our research team utilizes the latest automotive data and insights to create tools and resources that help drivers get peace of mind and save money over the life of their car.

We’re here to help you simplify car care and save, so this post may contain affiliate links to help you do just that. If you click on a link and take action, we may earn a commission. However, the analysis and opinions expressed are our own.


About the Author

FIXD Research Team

FIXD Research Team

At FIXD, our mission is to make car ownership as simple, easy, and affordable as possible. Our research team utilizes the latest automotive data and insights to create tools and resources that help drivers get peace of mind and save money over the life of their car.

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