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Cheapest Auto Insurance Tulsa

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The average cost of auto insurance in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is slightly higher than the average rates for the rest of Oklahoma, but you can still find reasonable rates in the area. Drivers in the Tulsa area should research the average rates in both the city and the state, shop around, and get quotes from several different insurers before deciding which one to go with. In addition to keeping your driving record clean, this is the best way to get the cheapest auto insurance in Tulsa.

Is Auto Insurance Required in Tulsa?

Every driver in the state of Oklahoma must have car insurance. The state put these laws in place to financially protect you and other drivers on the road. Oklahoma also requires drivers to carry proof of coverage with them every time they drive, and you must be able to produce it at the request of law enforcement. Since every state varies when it comes to the minimum required insurance, if you drive in and around Tulsa, you need to know the laws for minimum requirements. The state of Oklahoma requires:

  • $25,000 of bodily injury per person
  • $50,000 of bodily injury per accident
  • $25,000 for property damage per accident

These minimums only cover bodily injury and property damage. It’s important to note that if you carry only the minimum, damage to your vehicle is not covered if you are at fault in an accident. Liability also does not cover your injuries or damages to your own property.

Oklahoma’s required minimums are similar to many other states, but it does not mean that it is enough if you get into a serious accident. Carrying just the minimum is one way to get the cheapest auto insurance in Tulsa, but if you cause an accident, these limits might not cover all the expenses. The minimum coverage amounts, $25,000 and $50,000, can quickly be exhausted by high medical expenses if significant injuries occur as a result of the crash. Even though the premiums might be higher, carrying more than the minimum coverage might save you a lot of money in the long run.

Optional Auto Insurance Coverage in Tulsa

Image via Flickr by aronbaker2

If you want to protect yourself, Oklahoma insurance providers offer additional coverage. While it will add to your premiums, carrying more coverage is worth it if you get into an accident. Some of the optional coverages you can get in Oklahoma are:

  • Comprehensive. This covers physical damage to your vehicle that is not the result of a collision. It covers theft, hitting an animal, and weather damage.
  • Collision. This covers physical damage to your vehicle in the event of an accident with another car or a stationary object such as a telephone pole.
  • Loan/Lease Payoff. This is often called gap insurance and covers the difference between your loan payoff amount and the market value of your vehicle if you total your new vehicle.
  • Rental reimbursement. If your car is totaled in an accident or in the shop for repairs after an accident, the insurance company will cover the cost of a rental vehicle up to a specified dollar amount.
  • Medical payments. This optional coverage will help pay for medical or funeral expenses for you and others in your car if you get into an accident.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured motorist bodily injury. This will cover expenses if an uninsured or underinsured driver causes an accident.

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost in Tulsa?

The cost of auto insurance in Tulsa will vary depending on several factors. Every insurer has a different formula for calculating rates, but most providers collect the same general information, and your personal information will affect how much you pay. Some of the things that will factor into your rates include:

  • Your age
  • Your gender
  • Your credit history
  • Your driving record
  • Where you live
  • How many miles you drive

Although rates vary from insurance company to insurance company, some offer cheaper rates than others. Some insurers to check out when looking for the cheapest auto insurance in Tulsa are:

  • Progressive
  • State Farm
  • Travelers
  • USAA

GEICO is one of the largest insurance companies in the U.S. and a top pick for many Tulsa area drivers. The company has a strong financial rating and offers six standard types of car insurance in Tulsa, along with several optional coverages.

If you can’t get the cheapest car insurance in Tulsa with GEICO, Progressive is another company to look into. It has a solid reputation and offers optional insurance such as pet injury protection and rideshare insurance for people who drive for ridesharing companies such as Lyft and Uber.

How To Get the Cheapest Auto Insurance In Tulsa?

The best way to get good rates is to keep a clean driving record and have a good credit rating. Many insurers will offer discounts for safe driving, which is one of the best ways to save on your premiums.

Other discounts you should look for include good student discounts for young drivers with good grades, automatic withdrawals for your premiums, and multiple lines discounts. You can often get discounted rates if you have more than one type of insurance through the same company, such as auto and home or rental insurance.

Cheapest Auto Insurance in Tulsa For Young Drivers

Young drivers have a harder time finding cheap rates than middle-aged drivers. Because young drivers have less experience behind the wheel, insurance companies consider them a higher risk and charge them higher premiums. Teen drivers can save on premiums by getting good grades and having a combined policy with their parents. This is often cheaper than having a separate policy for a teen driver.

Young drivers should also spend some time shopping around for the cheapest rates. Farm Bureau and State Farm have some of the lowest premium rates for full coverage for teens, but you should shop around to make sure you are getting the best price.

Getting the cheapest auto insurance in Tulsa will depend on many different factors. Gather quotes from multiple companies and compare the coverage amounts and premiums before making a decision. Remember that the cheapest rate might not be the best coverage.

FIXD Research Team

At FIXD, our mission is to make car ownership as simple, easy, and affordable as possible. Our research team utilizes the latest automotive data and insights to create tools and resources that help drivers get peace of mind and save money over the life of their car.

We’re here to help you simplify car care and save, so this post may contain affiliate links to help you do just that. If you click on a link and take action, we may earn a commission. However, the analysis and opinions expressed are our own.


About the Author

FIXD Research Team

FIXD Research Team

At FIXD, our mission is to make car ownership as simple, easy, and affordable as possible. Our research team utilizes the latest automotive data and insights to create tools and resources that help drivers get peace of mind and save money over the life of their car.

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