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10 Tips on Traveling With Your Dog

Not really sure what to do with your dog during a roadtrip? Need some tips for making sure that your dog is able to take on that length of time in the car? Check out these tips that will help prepare you and your dog travel smoothly on your next adventure!

  1. Seat Cover
    1. A seat cover not only prevents damage to the seats but also prevents fur and odor as well.
  2. Make sure where you’re going is dog-friendly
    1. This requires some research a few days before your trip to make sure that the locations are dog-friendly. Whether it’s a trail, campsite, hotel, etc. it’s always good to make sure ahead of time that it is dog-friendly.
  3. Pack your dog’s essentials
    1. Don’t forget these things:
      1. Portable Water Bowl
      2. Food
      3. Collar/Leash (we recommend this car leash to keep your pup safe)
      4. Treats – for the car ride
      5. Poop bags
      6. Your dog’s medication (if applicable)
      7. A few toys (we recommend this car chew toy)
      8. Crate/dog bed
  4. Make sure that your dog is safely secured when driving
    1. Depending on how heavy your dog is, it could be extremely dangerous if your dog is not secured in the car and could be creating thousands of pounds of force if in a crash. We recommend this car seatbelt leash)
  5. Do not feed your dog less than 3 hours before the car ride
    1. Depending on how comfortable your dog is in the car, it may not be the best idea to feed your dog due to motion sickness.
  6. Microchip your dog
    1. In case your dog goes missing and its collar falls off, your dog will be able to be identified with a microchip at any vet.
  7. Play white noise at night
    1. This has been known to help dogs fall asleep at night and will also help in hotel rooms so that you will not bother your neighbors.
  8. Download the Dog First-Aid App
    1. This app provided by The American Red Cross is free on the app store and provides great advice.
  9. Prepare your Dog
    1. Determine the comfortability of your dog on the road by taking them on rides for 20-30 mins at a time. If you find that your dog does not enjoy the car due to motion sickness ask your veterinarian for recommended medication.
  10. Don’t forget to make stops
    1. Your dog’s bladder is not as big as yours and you should take that into consideration. Take stops more often to not only let your dog take a bathroom break, but to take a break from the car.

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