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11 Fun Car Facts You Never Knew

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[startapp_block_title animation=”” title=”1. The Love Bug”]

The Love Bug has been bringing smiles to people’s faces since 1969. Like all great racing movies, Herbie, the Volkswagen Beetle that stars in the Disney film, has become an iconic character in movie history. But do you know where the number “53” came from? Apparently, producer Bill Walsh was a big Dodger’s fan and christened Herbie with the same number as Dodger’s pitcher Don Drysdale.

[startapp_block_title animation=”” title=”2. The Name Is Bond, James Bond”]

Who doesn’t love a classic James Bond film? In over 24 films, Bond has driven Aston Martins, making the agent synonymous with this iconic brand. But did you know in the book series the 007 franchise is based on, Bond originally drove a Bentley 4.5 litre known as “Blower Bentley”? Only 720 of these were ever made, and Bond was one of the lucky owners apparently.

[startapp_block_title animation=”” title=”3. Social Distancing”]

Socially distanced movie viewing? As the “new normal” sets in, the U.S. is seeing a resurgence in drive-in theatres. And according to, the #1 car to take to the drive-in is the Volkswagen Atlas 3-row SUV. Not only does it comfortably seat 7 passengers, but the premium 12-speaker audio system will take your movie viewing experience to a whole new level.

[startapp_block_title animation=”” title=”4. Fly Me To The Moon”]

If cars could fly… it would only take you about a month to get to the moon going an average of 60 miles an hour. Weird, right?

[startapp_block_title animation=”” title=”5. World Traveler”]

The world’s highest total mileage ever clocked by a single car was 2,850,000 miles. That’s the same as driving around the world 100 times. 

Here are our 4 tips to get YOUR car to 1,000,000 miles (and many more).

[startapp_block_title animation=”” title=”6. Last Minute Fill up”]

Waiting until the last minute to fill up? Running your car low on gas is actually bad for it…

Gasoline contains small particles of dirt and debris that can settle in your gas tank. When it’s low on gas, that debris can make its way into the fuel pump and cause damage to critical engine parts. As a rule of thumb, it’s best to keep at least ¼ tank of gas in your car at all times to keep it running smoothly.

[startapp_block_title animation=”” title=”7. Back To The Future”]

Unless you’re a huge Back to the Future fan like some of us at FIXD, you probably don’t know these fun facts about the DeLorean …

The 1985 cult classic has a following of diehard fans, and perhaps it’s most beloved character is Doc’s car, the DeLorean DMC-12. Today, there are only about 6000 of these cars left on the market. And while it may have been used for time travel in the movie, the reality is that this was not a supercar. It was actually very slow and poorly manufactured.

Due to the lack of experience from the DeLorean’s builders, it didn’t even come painted and only produced a measly 130 horsepower!

Lastly, Marty McFly may have gone back to the future traveling at 88 mph, but the speedometer on stock DeLoreans only went up to 85 mph (thanks to a Jimmy Carter mandate to discourage speeding). The production crew had to build a custom speedometer with a digital speed readout to get around this snafu.

[startapp_block_title animation=”” title=”8. Need For Speed”]

The first speeding ticket ever issued in the U.S. took place in 1899, and it was given to an NYC taxi driver who was going an astonishing 12 mph! (Back then, New York’s speed limits were from 4 mph to 8 mph.) 

Meanwhile, the most expensive citation issued was in Sweden for €1,000,000. OUCH.

[startapp_block_title animation=”” title=”9. It’s Electric Boogie Woogie, Woogie!… (and steam)”]

In the early 1900s, there were more cars powered by steam and electric than gasoline. In fact, way back in 1898, Porsche’s first car design was an electric vehicle that could go up to 21 mph with a range of 49 miles on a single charge!

[startapp_block_title animation=”” title=”10. Now That’s Smart! “]

Ever wondered how many people can actually fit into a smart car? Well, the world record is an impressive 19 girls! No idea how they would actually drive, but now you know what’s possible! 

[startapp_block_title animation=”” title=”11. It’s Complicated”]

The average car contains over 30,000 parts. Frankly, it’s amazing our vehicles don’t break down more often. To make things even more complicated, everything (engine, transmission, brakes, power steering, windows, you name it) on newer cars is controlled by a computer!

Fortunately, FIXD is always here to keep things simple whenever you do get a check engine light or need repairs.

Wife, mom, Content Manager & Senior Copywriter at FIXD. From the garage to the gym, I love helping people learn and grow. Dream car: ‘69 Acapulco Blue Mustang.

Kate McKnight
Wife, mom, Content Manager & Senior Copywriter at FIXD. From the garage to the gym, I love helping people learn and grow. Dream car: ‘69 Acapulco Blue Mustang.

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    1. Back to the Future is one of my favorite movies. #6….. I don’t understand why there is less dirt if you fill up more often.

      1. There’s not less dirt. But with mite fuel in the tank sloshing around it’s less likely to get sucked into fuel filter….whereas if you run it close to empty(a Lot) it’s bound to suck more debris into fuel line… fuel filter

        1. I think its six of one and a half dozen of another. The fuel pump is always drawing fuel from the bottom of the fuel tank no matter how much fuel is in the tank and that is where all particles settle so you are going to suck up those particles anyway. I personally have never emptied and pulled a gas tank and found a bunch of stuff in the bottom unless the tank was rusty. Anything that settles to the bottom is going to be sucked up no matter how much gas you have in your tank.

          1. I think one thing to consider is that water floats on gas, so as the tank gets closer to empty, and to the suction, it starts to suck up any condensation or water that may be in the tank, as well as debris that adhears to it. Makes cars run bad to worse.


    3. I was so happy when I got the fix app and the fix product I installed it in the car it worked one time I don’t know what happened but it is not working now I don’t have the serial number that I installed I need help

    4. Some interesting info. Thanks.

    5. Enjoyed the facts! Spend 32 years with auto dealerships as a Finance Mgr. Hope my Fixd will never be needed but nice to know I can get help when needed. Buying my lease car in Nov after 3 yrs and only 7500 miles. Retired and senior female .

    6. need to stick to business. The fluff is all over the place. Ain’t nobody got no time for dat

    7. Enjoyed the Fun facts ?

    8. A friend had a Delorean. Not very impressive or comfortable and forget about visibility for the rear corners.

    9. Fun facts are just that, f u n f a c t s.

    10. I would like to know the towing capacity of various cars/suvs. Will electric vehicles be able to tow and what weight limit?

    11. More of this please – very good!

    12. They should make cars like they did in the 40’s 50’s 60’s and 70’s

    13. Unfortunately I received my case for the FIXD, but did not receive the FIXD. My name is Glenn Immekus and I do not know how to contact you to see what happened to it

    14. It’s awesome to have FIXD if you own a vehicle, I recommend friends and families to it.

    15. I was a small business owner of an auto service and repair from 1979 to 2011. When I saw my first Delorean in the early 80’s, I loved the look but when I saw this Volvo engine plant, being an American muscle car fan, I was so disappointed and would never want one

    16. all Kool

    17. This is what auto makes should be going back to these days.. #9. Steam for around town, electric for longer jaunts!

      1. I’m afraid you don’t understand; steam pressure was used to generate the electric motor to propel it.
        “Steam Power” is really a misnomer. the cars didn’t actually use steam to make it move. It was always, and still is, an electric car.

    18. You’re wonderful ??. I am tired ..’’

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