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Cars That Cost Less to Insure for Teenage Drivers

Young hispanic teenage girl learning to drive a car

Teenagers often can’t wait to start driving and gaining independence. The only thing that could improve this experience is a car that keeps them safe and costs less to insure. Many factors affect the price of car insurance, including the driver’s age and location, and a young driver typically costs more to insure. Thankfully, you can […]

Cheap Car Insurance in Atlanta, GA

Image via Flickr by free pictures of money Getting an insurance policy to show financial responsibility and to protect your investment is an important aspect of car ownership. While taking measures in routine car maintenance such as oil changes can decrease the total cost of ownership, some things, like the mandated requirement to carry liability […]

Cheap Car Insurance: Buffalo, NY

Image via Flickr by free pictures of money Purchasing a vehicle is an investment that can be life-changing. Sometimes, it is hard to accommodate and make lifestyle adjustments for both a monthly car payment and a monthly insurance payment. Living in Buffalo, New York, complicates the matter, as rates are higher in New York, at […]

All You Should Know About Cheap Car Insurance in Colorado Springs

Image via Pixabay by jarmoluk According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the U.S. records a car accident every minute, translating into over 5.25 million incidents annually. If you are unfortunate enough to find yourself in an accident, the last thing you’d want to worry about is the expenses involved. And that’s where car insurance providers come […]

Cheap Car Insurance Houston, Texas

Image via Flickr by Cyndi and Dave Car insurance is one of the unavoidable expenses of owning a vehicle in Texas, as the state requires at least a bare minimum of liability insurance coverage to be carried in order to drive your vehicle on the road legally. While you can’t avoid insurance, you can take the time […]

Finding Cheap Car Insurance in Rhode Island

Image via Flickr by jjbers All drivers in Rhode Island are required to have auto insurance coverage, but just because you need it, doesn’t mean you need to pay a lot for it. With some careful searching, you can find cheap car insurance in Rhode Island for your vehicle. Below, we’ll explain how auto insurance companies determine […]

Cheap Car Insurance Tampa

Image via Flickr by Rusty Wallet Finding cheap car insurance in Tampa is easy when you know where to look and take the available discounts. Drivers in Tampa will pay more than drivers in other Florida cities and drivers across the country. Average annual premiums in the city are $1,514 for minimum coverage and $3,027 for […]

Factors That Affect Car Insurance Rates

Image via Flickr by pony rojo Finding suitable car insurance, such as a full-coverage policy that covers the personal injuries and property damage of the policyholder and others, is important. However, insurance can be expensive, and finding the best deal takes a little time and effort. Learning about the factors that affect car insurance rates […]

How to File a Car Insurance Claim

Image via Flickr by orangesky3 Knowing how to file a car insurance claim before you get into an accident can help you be better prepared and make your claim go more smoothly. While each insurance company may have its own steps to follow during the claims process, there are some basic steps you should take during […]

Progressive vs. State Farm Car Insurance

Close-up Of A Small Blue Car On Laptop Keypad

If you’re shopping for car insurance, you’ve probably come across some familiar names. Two of the most popular car insurance providers are Progressive and State Farm. Both are large companies with a national presence and wide range of insurance products, and both claim to save you money. So what’s the difference? Let’s explore Progressive vs. […]