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7 Ways to Keep Kids Entertained on a Road Trip

Taking a long road trip that you’ve always dreamed of but worrying about the distance with the kids in the backseat? Check out our tips for keeping those loved ones busy while on the road for a smooth and relaxing ride for everyone!

  1. A clipboard/notebook and drawing paper (All Ages): If you find your child drawing and coloring, getting a sketch pad and giving them ideas on what to draw could be an amazing way of keeping their brain active and creative!
  2. Spot It (Ages 7+): Spot It is an interactive game that requires at least two players. The goal of the game is to “spot” the items that are on the front of the cards. Both players flip the cards over at the same time and whoever spots what is on the card first, wins that round and gets the pair! Whoever has the most pairs when the stack runs out, wins!
  3. Children’s Card Games (Ages 4+): Go Fish, Slap Jack, and other card games are ways to keep your children’s brains constantly active! Check out the link to see a 6-in-1 Card Game pack!
  4. Connect 4 (Ages 3+): A classic game of strategy and fun that will never get old.
  5. The Letter Game (All Ages): The way to play this game is to start off by saying a letter (i.e. T). The goal of the game is to create a word from everyone’s letter: T-R-I-P. The next person gets to start the next word, and restarts by saying a letter for the next word!
  6. Backseat Bingo (Ages 3+): Spotting different points of scenery can keep your loved ones engaged and actively searching for new spots on the Bingo board!
  7. Snacks/Drinks: Depending on how long your road trip will be, a great thing to always have in the care is a few healthy snacks and drinks. A link to some suggestions on car-friendly snacks and drinks, click here.
  8. Kids E-Z Travel Lap Tray: Now that you have all of these amazing games and ideas, you should sort them and make sure that they are ready for any travel adventure! Check out the Kids E-Z Lap Tray to store all of these snacks and games.


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