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Used Car Buying Checklist: How to Find Problems

Test driving a used car before sealing the deal is a crucial part of the car-buying journey. It’s the best way to confirm that you like the car and to identify potential problems. But there’s more to a test drive than a few minutes behind the wheel and kicking the tires.  We’ve outlined a multi-step plan to maximize the time spent with a car you’re thinking about buying. Following this detailed checklist can help you avoid getting ripped off, not spending more than you should, and steering clear of a questionable car.  Pre-Drive Homework A bit of research before the

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Honda CR-V hybrid car showcased at the Brussels Autosalon Motor Show. Belgium - January 18, 2019.

Best & Worst Years of Honda CR-V- Graphs & Owner Surveys

The CR-V wasn’t the first compact SUV from a Japanese automaker (that distinction went to the Toyota RAV4), but Honda’s “cute ute” and the RAV4 have been slugging it out for sales supremacy over two decades.  It’s impossible to see a busy highway or suburban parking lot without a CR-V (or several), and for obvious reasons. Countless individuals and families consider this Honda to be the perfect vehicle. Owners appreciate nimble handling, generous room for people and their things, and a price that won’t break the bank.  The CR-V serves many functions, according to an owner survey conducted by FIXD.

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Fishers - Circa September 2022: Used Honda Accord display. With supply issues, Honda is buying and selling pre-owned cars to meet demand.

Best & Worst Years of Honda Accord- Graphs & Owner Surveys

While not the first Honda automobile to hit American roads, the Accord helped cement the automaker’s reputation for value and dependability. It’s a car that has achieved numerous distinctions, including being named a Car and Driver 10Best for a record 37 times. The Honda Accord also became the first best-selling car in the U.S. to wear an import brand badge (although most Accord sedans sold in America since 1982 come from Honda’s factory in Marysville, Ohio). As of 2021, Honda has sold more than 17 million Accords.  But, despite this rousing success, Accords are not flawless. Some model years are

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mechanic repair a tire puncture from a nail or screw. car repair and maintenance concept

Discount Tire Insurance: Everything To Know

Tires are one of those automotive essentials that get taken for granted until it’s time to shell out hundreds of dollars for replacements. Keenly aware of this investment that car owners make every several years, tire retailers offer extra-cost insurance to protect against the road hazards (like nails) and defects.  It’s a way to offer additional assurance to tire customers while helping the business’s bottom line. But does tire insurance make sense for the consumer? We’ll explore the answers when it comes to Discount Tire, a popular tire retailer. Overview: Discount Tire Insurance Discount Tire offers tire insurance, sometimes called

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Black Honda Civic

Best & Worst Years of Honda Civic – Graphs & Owner Surveys

Few cars are as popular as the Honda Civic, which first hit the streets half a century ago. During this time, the Japanese automaker has sold more than 27 million Civics across the globe. And while the Civic enjoys an overall positive reputation for reliability, not every model year is perfect.  With this in mind, we combed through numerous sources to identify the best and worst years for the Honda Civic. It’s a handy thing to know if you’re shopping for a second-hand Civic or already have a Civic sitting in the driveway. The data comes from the thousands of

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Minsk, Belarus - Mar 2020. Honda Accord X full led headlamp close up. LED daytime running lights. Head lamp of Honda Accord. Tenth generation Accord production began on September 2017

Honda Fuel Pump Recall: What to Know

Today’s automobiles are complex combinations of the latest technologies, with the potential for all sorts of troubles. But, sometimes, the most fundamental system is the source of headaches for car owners. Such is the case for many people with late-model Honda and Acura vehicles and faulty fuel pumps.  A fuel pump is a fundamental component of most vehicles; it’s usually located near the fuel tank and transfers gas (or Diesel) to the combustion chamber for ignition and power. However, a malfunctioning fuel pump can cause a car to stall and create a danger to occupants and nearby vehicles. In 2020,

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a wet blue car

Honda Paint Recall: Owner Update & How To File

Honda automobiles enjoy a solid reputation for mechanical excellence; its engines and transmission can operate for years without complaints. But when it comes to paint quality, Honda’s standing has more than a few dings. In particular, the automaker recognized that some of its models had defective paint and took corrective action. Overview: Honda Paint Recall Issues Some of its most popular vehicles, like certain model years of the Civic, Fit, HR-V, Odyssey, and Pilot, are prone to having paint that fades and peels. While this trouble won’t interfere with everyday use, a flawed exterior can bring down a car’s value

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Red Honda car parked at a parking lot

Honda Civic Air Conditioner Recall: Everything You Need To Know

Honda introduced an all-new Civic sedan and hatchback for the 2016 model year, featuring sleek styling and a re-engineered suspension. Even in an SUV-heavy market, U.S. consumers purchased more than 360,000 tenth-generation Civics in the first year alone.  But some owners, including those with certain Civics (from the 2016 to 2021 model years), encountered troubles with malfunctioning air conditioning, leading to demands for a recall and legal action. It’s not unusual for an all-new vehicle to undergo “teething problems” during its first few years. But these troubles are typically associated with complex components like the engine, transmission, or electrical system,

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Kokomo - Circa August 2022: Honda Pilot display at a dealership. Honda offers the Pilot in Sport, EX-L, Touring, SE and Elite models.

Honda Hood Latch Recall: Everything You Need To Know

The last thing car owners think about is their vehicle’s hood. What is there to worry about? It opens and closes; that’s about it. Usually. But those with certain Hondas may want to pay attention to their car’s hood latch, as it can open without warning. After hood latch troubles started appearing in the Honda Ridgeline pickup in 2016, the automaker spent several years researching the issue. It was an essential effort, as this truck shares components with the Passport and Pilot crossovers.  Fast-forward to 2021, Honda determined the hood latch issue required a recall. Given the relative newness of

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Chiangmai, Thailand - March 5 2021: Private car Honda accord. On road no.1001 8 km from Chiangmai Business Area.

Honda Engine Misfire Warranty Extensions – What You Need to Know

While Honda automobiles enjoy a positive reputation for reliability, especially with engines, no automaker is perfect. A case in point is the company’s 3.5-liter V6, which first appeared in the Honda (and Acura) lineup in 1998.  Later years would see a version of this engine with Variable Cylinder Management (VCM), a technology that periodically disabled half the engine’s cylinders to save fuel. But the system became problematic in specific Hondas built between 2008 and 2013, with affected vehicles burning more oil and suffering engine misfires. The situation progressed to a class action suit that Honda settled by offering an extended

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