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Valencia, Spain - January 18, 2019: Emblem of Fiat on the radiator of a parcel van.

Important Fiat 500 Engine Fan Warranty Extension And Recall Years

If you have a Fiat 500x, then it’s important to be aware of the warranty extension and recalls that are currently in effect. The Fiat 500 engine is covered under a factory warranty, but owners can extend that warranty via Mopar. Keep reading for more information on this recall, how to get the issue repaired and how to extend the factory warranty.  Overview of the Fiat 500 Engine Cooling Fan The engine cooling fan in your Fiat 500 helps to cool the engine by circulating air around it. If the engine cooling fan is not working properly, the engine can

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details of modern car engine with sunlight effect, shallow depth of field

What You Need To Know About The Hyundai Sonata Engine Warranty

The Hyundai Sonata is a popular midsize car known for its reliability and fuel efficiency. It also has a generous engine warranty covering most of the engine’s major components. We’ll look at what that warranty covers and some of the most common questions people have about it. Hyundai Sonata Engine Warranty Coverage The Hyundai Sonata comes standard with a 10-Year / 100,000-Mile Powertrain Limited Warranty. This warranty covers repairing or replacing powertrain components like certain engine and transmission/transaxle components. However, these components must be originally manufactured or installed by Hyundai, and they must be defective in terms of material or

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