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Posts Authored by Kate McKnight

Toyota Check Engine Light

5 Most Common Reasons for a Toyota Check Engine Light Code Severity Simplified Description P1604 Severe The engine doesn’t start after cranking for an extended period of time. Low fuel is one possible cause. P0420 Moderate Your catalytic converter isn’t functioning efficiently. This could increase the output of harmful pollutants. P0441 Low The purge valve in your EVAP System is incorrect, allowing either too much or too little flow of stored fuel vapors. C1241 Moderate Your battery voltage is low, indicating that your battery or charging system may have an issue. P0171 Moderate Your Toyota engine is running too lean

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check engine light cleared with phone app

How to Clear the Check Engine Light

Here’s How You Can Read and Reset the Check Engine Light in under 60 Seconds – and Save $150+ Clearing the check engine light comes in handy when troubleshooting issues and testing for glitches in your car’s onboard computer. While most repair shops will charge $150 to do this for you, there’s a simple way to read and clear the check engine light yourself – even if you’re a beginner when it comes to cars. No paying $150+ at the repair shop. No driving to the nearest auto parts store.  No disconnecting your car battery.  Here’s how: Step 1: Plug

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Holiday Gift Guide: 16 Last-Minute Gifts They’ll Actually Use

Wondering what to get the car lover in your family? Know someone who could use some cool new tools to keep their car in tip-top shape? Then check out our 2022 holiday gift guide below for the best gift ideas for your car that have been thoroughly vetted and approved by our FIXD Mechanics! 1. Car Battery Emergency Jumper & Charger for Electronics A must-have for every driver… this versatile kit not only jumps off dead batteries in seconds, but also acts as a portable power bank and LED flashlight. 2. Streamlight Rechargeable Pocket Flashlight This ultra-compact, virtually indestructible flashlight is not

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Man standing in front of car with hands on his head out of frustration

How to Afford the Most Common Car Repair Costs

How do you deal with inflation, high gas prices, and the skyrocketing cost of new cars? Many Americans are choosing to hold onto their existing vehicles longer. The average car on the road is now 12.1 years old according to CarMD. While keeping your current vehicle running smoothly may cost less than taking out a loan on a new-to-you car, the cost of repairs you’re likely to face is something to factor into the equation. Read on to find out the 10 most common check engine light-related car repairs, how much they cost, and what you can do to reduce

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P0303 – Meaning, Causes, Symptoms, & Fixes

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pedGttpvPtg&ab_channel=FIXD What Does P0303 Mean? P0303 definition: Cylinder 3 misfire detected. Issue Severity: SEVERE – Stop driving immediately. Repair Urgency: Fix this code immediately (same-day if possible) to avoid ignition failure, catalytic converter damage, and dangerous conditions. Diagnosis: A cylinder 3 misfire can be caused by anything from faulty spark plugs to low engine compression. Because there are so many variables that could cause a misfire, the best cost savings is to find a trustworthy repair shop to diagnose code P0303 as quickly and accurately as possible. Your vehicle moves when gasoline is burned and power is generated inside a chamber known

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P0304 – Meaning, Causes, Symptoms, & Fixes

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1p516V-Ofs&ab_channel=FIXD What Does Code P0304 Mean? P0304 definition: Cylinder 4 Misfire Detected Issue Severity: SEVERE. Do not keep driving with this error code. Repair Urgency: Fix this code immediately (same-day if possible) to avoid serious engine damage and dangerous driving conditions. Diagnosis: A multiple misfire can be caused by anything from faulty spark plugs to low engine compression. Because there are so many variables that could cause a misfire, the best cost savings is to find a trustworthy shop that can diagnose code P0304 as quickly and accurately as possible. Your vehicle moves when gasoline is burned and power is generated

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6 Ways to Show Your Car Some Love

Keep your vehicle valentine running smoothly with these simple tips At FIXD, it’s our mission to simplify car care so you can save money and stay on the road longer. As one of your biggest investments, it’s important to care for your car’s long-term health. If it’s been awhile since you’ve given your ride the attention it deserves, check out these 6 quick tips to keep it running like a dream.  1. Give it a good bath Did you know that keeping your car’s exterior clean and protected during winter can increase its lifespan and help you get the maximum

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FIXD Emissions Precheck: What to Know and How to Use It

Passing Your State’s Emissions Inspection Just Got Easier Thanks to FIXD Emissions Precheck If you live in a state that requires emissions testing, you’re all too familiar with sitting in line at a crowded facility, crossing your fingers and hoping you pass the first time. The last thing you want to deal with is the hassle of failing an inspection with a vehicle that’s illegal to drive.  That’s why we created the FIXD Emissions Precheck. FIXD Premium users have access to this handy feature that tells you in advance if you’ll pass emissions, or what to do if you won’t,

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common car myths debunked

12 Common Car Myths Busted

Here are 12 things you’ve heard about cars that are totally bogus Car care tips are a dime a dozen . But what if I told you that much of the “advice” you’ve received over the years is about as useful as an old wives tale? In this article, we’re bringing the truth to light and debunking 12 of the most common car myths! Read on to discover which car myths are wasting your time and money… Change your oil every 3,000 miles. Not necessary these days. Simply follow your manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule and you should be good. Most

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7 Fall Car Care Tips

Falling Leaves Can Cause Problems for Your Car. These 7 Tips Will Keep You Running Smoothly! There are so many reasons to love fall: Campfires, chili, pumpkin spice, and cruising country roads to see those gorgeous leaves of rust and gold.  October is also Fall Car Care Month. With falling leaves and cooler temperatures, there are new hazards to be aware of when it comes to your car. That’s why we’ve put together these 7 tips to help keep your car road-ready this fall season! Check Tire Tread and Pressure Dropping temperatures can lower tire pressure and put you at

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