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Here we will discuss general car knowledge. If you’re curious about how your car works or why it does what it does, this is the category for you. We’re constantly growing our library so check back often for more information. Here’s a quick example: Have you ever wondered why your tires lose air? Quite simply put, it’s the same reason a balloon loses air, the air escapes. As impermeable as your tires may seem, air has a way of squeezing its way through the molecular makeup of the rubber used to make the tire, therefore losing air. Also, as the seasons change, the density of the air changes; cold air is more dense thus it has less air pressure. For more helpful info like this, click a blog and read up!

10 Holiday Road Trip Tips For 2020

While the Pandemic rages on and airports turn into ghost towns, an interesting trend has emerged: Road trips are up 7% for December 2020. Here are 10 tips to keep you safe and sane on the road this holiday season. 1. Avoid Peak Travel Days & Times Even in the midst of a pandemic, the...

7 Essential Car Winterization Tips

Wondering how to best prep your car for winter? These 7 simple tips will help you winterize your car and maximize performance and safety in snow and ice. Brutal winter weather can take a toll on your vehicle, both inside and out. Frigid temperatures can lead to dead batteries, flat tires, brittle belts, and a...

car driving in the snow

Synthetic Vs. Conventional Oil

Have you ever walked into the repair shop for an oil change and been offered a more expensive synthetic oil, but weren’t sure if the extra cost would be worth it? If so, you’re not alone. According to a AAA nationwide survey, 44% of drivers are unsure or skeptical that synthetic oil is actually better...

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