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“Gratitude is a currency that we can mint for ourselves, and spend without fear of bankruptcy.” – American author Fred De Witt Van Amburgh

I’m thankful I got to get back to spending more time outdoors this year (socially distanced with friends). – Jake Greenberg

Thankful for my adventure companion, my dog, Roscoe! – Tracie Hinnant

I’m #thankful for our new baby Pearl and her constant Bleps.  – AJ Wendel

Thankful for a beautiful fall this year (the last few have been either super hot or ice cold). The leaves have been gorgeous and I’m grateful for spending more time outdoors exploring my neighborhood on daily walks! – Kate McKnight

I’m thankful for skateboarding and my daughter. Both have brought me a lot of joy in 2020 and continue to inspire me to be patient and show up better each time. – Ron McKnight

I’m grateful for my cat, Bluebell, and for being able to cook dinner and spend time with my roommates. – Leigh Harmer

I’m grateful this 2020 for the growing family of houseplants that fill my space with brightness, life and a little extra oxygen. They remind me to slow down, practice peace and take care of myself. – Kylie Alea

I am grateful for the beauty of nature and company of friends. – Alex Weiss

I’m thankful for my wife and dog! – Clayton Bene

I’m thankful for Faith, friends, family, fast cars, AWESOME sunsets and the freedom to enjoy it all. – Paul Brooker

I’m grateful for beautiful fall weather, good health, and my friends who help me grow and keep me sane. – Tim Jaudon

I’m thankful for my friends and family and the time that I get to spend with them. – Kris Dolly

I’m grateful for dogs (and pets in general). – Anthony Mistretta

Time spent catching up with people I don’t normally speak with, given that distance is no longer a regular barrier to staying in touch. – Isaac Wittenstein

I am thankful for the tools that have allowed us to stay close with friends and family when we can’t be together in person. – John Gattusso

Wife, mom, Content Manager & Senior Copywriter at FIXD. From the garage to the gym, I love helping people learn and grow. Dream car: ‘69 Acapulco Blue Mustang.

Kate McKnight
Wife, mom, Content Manager & Senior Copywriter at FIXD. From the garage to the gym, I love helping people learn and grow. Dream car: ‘69 Acapulco Blue Mustang.

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    1. I’m thankful for my family. I’m going through a tough time trying to find employment in a time when everyone is fighting for jobs and they’ve been nothing but supportive.

      1. As an immigrant to this country, I’m thankful for America each and every day. At a time when it’s easy to complain about our strange politics and our discontents, I love America!
        I especially love living in a small town in the heartland where people love God, their country, and where they care deeply about their neighbors.

        1. I agree with everything you said there Mr Congdon! That is what makes this country a fantastic place to be and also why so many like yourself chose America to come here to live love and raise a family.

          God Bless America
          Land that I love……

    2. I am thankful for the Lord for giving me my wife and close friends and leading us to a church where we can hear his word

      1. Amen

    3. Thank you FIXD Team for all your hard work and dedication to helping the common car owners with issues with their vehicles and finding solutions that work. Great technology inspired and designed by your awesome team thank you.

      1. I’m so thankful for my children and all my grandchildren also to able to enjoy my retirement and that I bought FIXD for myself and family members. It showed a problem that was easy to fix Thank you

    4. It is good to get an idea of the people behind the gizmo.

    5. I am thankful for health and all the blessings God brings me on a daily basis❤️

    6. Happy Holidays! I’m thankful for life, family, friends and my fur babies!

    7. I’m thankful for this reminder to be thankful for small things that added together make up a life worthwhile.

    8. I am very thankful for my wonderful family. Also for my faith and closeness to the Lord Jesus Christ who keeps me sane and safe in this crazy world.

    9. enspired me to be thankful for the beauty of life nature frinnds family and our loving giving pets thatsharmony and big time

    10. I’m always grateful. Even for the things I do not like, for I will always learn from being. Plus, the ability to still ride, even after a stroke:))))

    11. I am thankful for my wonderful family, my wife, daughter, father and my in-laws. And though we haven’t had chance to spend more time outside, still thankful to mother nature for her eternal bounties and thank lord for providing us all of these. Happy holidays everyone

    12. Brought a big smile to my face. Even though I went through the loss of my 45 year old son and one of my beloved Doberman I ‘m thankful for my wife of 52 years and my other dobie that brings me tremendous joy and has helped me get through this difficult time.
      Thank you all that have helped. Bless you all

      1. I am thankful for health, family, and friends .and to be almost making 70 this year

        1. That’s awesome to hear, Zeonbia! Happy almost 70th birthday! We hope it is filled with all joy and happiness.

    13. I am thankful for life, for my wonderful wife and daughter our pets and for all the wonderful things that surround us that our creator has created for our enjoyment that we so much take for granted.

    14. I’m grateful for family, a warm and safe home and being able to have health enough to enjoy living in the country and for 2 dogs and 2 cats. I’m also grateful for FIXD. Being a senior woman I like that I can find out what’s going on if those lights come on the dashboard! Blessings to all!

      1. Thank you so much for sharing, Helen! 🙂

    15. You have all described things that are important in the real world, and reminded us that work is a part but not all-consuming. Thanks for your sharings!

      1. Thank you so much for the kind words, Pete! 🙂

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