How to Change Your Air Filter

The air filter prevents dirt and other particles to get into your engine to allow clean air to be entering it. Having a clean air filter increases fuel efficiency, extends the life of the engine, and reduces your car’s emissions. It’s recommended to change your air filter every 12 months or 10,000 – 15,000 miles. You could save $10-$18 per air filter change and If you want to get started in DIY car repair, replacing the air filter is the perfect place to start! Go through our step by step guide below to change your air filter.

Before you start: Make sure your car is in park and that you know where the air filter is underneath the hood. There is usually a plastic cover for the air filter

  • Inspect the Air Filter
      1. Take your air filter out and determine whether or not your filter should be replaced. New air filters come as an off-white color and as the more air goes through, the more dirt and soot will accumulate.
  • Buy the Correct Air Filter
      1. Be sure to buy the correct air filter by looking in your owner’s manual or going to the store and looking at the in-store manual that has car specific information
  • Replace the Old Air Filter
    1. Place the new filter in place of the old one with the rubber rubber rim facing up.
    2. Cover the air filter securely by snapping it shut

You’re done! Now your engine can breathe easier and operate at peak performance!

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