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Cosmo Mud Kicker Tire Review

Testing the Cosmo Mud Kicker in Moab, Utah.

Cosmo Tires invited me out to Moab to torture-test their new Mud Kicker tire. Here’s my honest review: Moab, Utah offers some of the best rock crawling trails in the United States, so it’s no surprise that companies use the harsh terrain to battle test their products. Not only do automakers such as Jeep and […]

Buyer’s Guide to the Best Car Tires (2023)

Car tires on rack in auto store

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ucvwFLQXyYA Your tires are literally where the rubber meets the road. They have a greater effect on your car’s handling, performance, and safety than any other modification you can make. The choices out there are staggering, so how do you decide which tires to put on your car? That’s where we come in! Here are […]

When Should You Switch to Winter Car Tires?

Winter Car tires with snow on black background

You’ve probably heard about these cool things called “Winter Tires”. They are super useful if you live in an area that experiences large amounts of snowfall and gets consistently chilly conditions in the colder months. Since Winter is upon us and we all still have to get to work everyday, we here at FIXD wanted […]