The FIXD Founding Story & Why We Care

Hi, I’m John Gattuso, and I’m one of the 3 founders and inventors of FIXD.  I want to personally thank you so much for ordering FIXD. Since we started the company 5 years ago, our mission has been to help every driver on the road save money by better understanding their cars.  I’m confident that you’ll love FIXD, and I wanted to share a bit about ourselves so you know who you’re supporting.

Our story is a true of American entrepreneurship.  We founded FIXD in 2014 while we were engineering students in school at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, Georgia.  I grew up working on cars, and I was known among all my friends and family as ‘The Car Guy’. People would always call me when they had car problems, and they would give me another call after they visited a mechanic to see if they were getting a fair price.  I teamed up with two other car guys (Fred and Julian), and together we decided that there had to be a better way!  

We spent over two years building the FIXD sensor that would connect to a vehicle and translate car problems into simple terms for drivers.  We started off selling our product to random people on the streets of Atlanta, and we were ecstatic to see how happy people were when they tried and used FIXD.  We’ve continued growing over the years, and we’ve now sold over 1 million FIXD sensors to drivers in the US.  

We know that sinking feeling that millions of drivers get each year when their check engine light comes on. We know that horrible sense of dread and anxiety you feel when you need to take to a mechanic and you have to ask yourself ‘How much will this repair cost?  How will I know if I’m paying an honest price, or am I getting ripped off?’ Our job at FIXD is to answer those questions for you and give you peace of mind for any car problem you may have.  

On behalf of our entire team here at FIXD, we want to thank you for your support.  We are a proud US based business, and you can rest assured knowing that we are working hard everyday to make our product the very best possible.  Please reach out to share your story with us or to let us know if there is any other way we can help you.  

Here for You,

John Gattuso

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Paul Mulhern

January 30, 2021

How can you reset the computer in the automobile?


April 2, 2021

Hey Paul, if you have check engine lights present in your automobile’s computer, you can plug your FIXD Sensor into your vehicle’s OBD2 port and then open the free FIXD App on your smartphone, hit “Tap to Scan,” and receive the codes present in your computer’s system as well as an plain English explanation to help diagnose and remedy the problem. Once the problem is fixed, you can scan your vehicle again and hit “Clear Check Engine Light.”

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