FIXD Privacy Policy

Last Updated: August 10, 2017

1. What information do you collect and how do you use it?

We collect and store information about the vehicle you use FIXD with. We collect the make/model/year of your vehicle, your car’s mileage, and information from certain vehicle sensors to help us understand what is going on with your car. We also collect diagnostic trouble codes from your cars on-board computer to help explain why your car’s check engine light came on.

2. How do you collect the information?

We collect the above information from your car’s on-board computer. The FIXD sensor connects to this computer and transmits the information via Bluetooth to your phone. The information is then securely transmitted to our servers using bank-level security to protect your identity and your information

3. What control do users have over their personal data?

Your data is yours. If you would like to have it removed from our servers, just ask. We can’t provide much benefit to you without it, but it is your choice.

4. How do you protect users’ information?

We use industry leading data encryption techniques and secured socket connections to manage your private information. Hashed authentication token verification provides a further level of account security.

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