Thanks to technological advancements most vehicles nowadays are operated with keys which are computer programmed with special codes that match the codes located within the ignition. Because of this technology, attempts by the manufacturer to keep the vehicle’s keys theft proof can make replacing a lost or stolen key extremely expensive, not to mention time consuming! In some cases, depending on the make of the car, it can cost as much as $100 – $800 per key.

Starting at $69/year.

Key/Remote Replacement Protection Plan Benefits

Key Replacement Benefits:
In the event your key/remote is lost, stolen, or destroyed we will pay for a replacement key/remote.

24-hour Emergency Towing Service:
Your vehicle may be towed to the destination of your choice to a distance up to 25 miles.

24-hour Emergency Delivery:
A service truck will deliver emergency supplies of gasoline, water, oil or any other necessary supplies.  You only pay for the cost of those supplies.  

24-hour Emergency Battery Assistance:
We will jump-start/boost your drained battery and perform minor adjustments to alternators, starters, etc. while on the road.

Flat Tire Changes or Repairs:
We will change your flat tire with your good spare.

Rental Car Discounts:
You are entitled to discounts for vehicle rentals, which are honored at thousands of locations throughout the US and abroad.

Concierge Benefits:
Access our 24-hour Concierge center at no cost. Our live representatives can offer informational assistance with the following concierge services:

  • Emergency message relays to family members
  • Hotel & rental car availability
  • ATM locations
  • Locate medical facilities
  • Theme Park & local attraction information
  • Restaurant locations
  • Traffic alerts and more
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