Your Confirmed Fix & Cost:

Replace Spark Plugs

Cost: $66-$250, depending on if you go to a repair shop or do it yourself. These prices are based on national averages. Other repairs may be needed.

new spark plug versus old, worn-out spark plug

Confirmed Fix & Cost for P0300-P0312

FIXD has scanned over 18 million vehicles for check engine codes. Based on our data, the most likely fix for your vehicle and your diagnostic trouble code is spark plug replacement. This fix is not guaranteed to resolve your issue and other repairs may be needed.

Cost to Replace Spark Plugs at Mechanic


Parts: $66-$91, Labor: $126-$158

Replacing the spark plugs usually takes between 1-4 hours, depending on the vehicle and if other repairs are needed. This service should be completed about every 30,000 miles, or as specified by your owner’s manual. Find a RepairPal Certified shop near you for trusted repairs at a fair price.

Cost to DIY Spark Plug Replacement


DIY Difficulty Level: Intermediate

You can reduce the cost to replace spark plugs by doing this job yourself. Your exact replacement cost will also depend on how many spark plugs are needed (typically between 4 and 16) and whether you choose long-life platinum-tipped spark plugs or cheaper conventional ones. 

For a More Accurate Diagnosis, Find a Trustworthy Repair Shop Near You 

Codes P0300-P0312 mean your engine is misfiring. Misfires can be caused by anything from worn-out spark plugs to vacuum leaks to low engine compression. While replacing your spark plugs may be the most likely fix, this is not guaranteed to solve your specific issue. If you are not comfortable diagnosing this issue or performing repairs yourself, we recommend finding the nearest RepairPal Certified repair shop to accurately diagnose this code for you.

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