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Discover the ultimate car care app for iPhone and Android that’s empowering drivers to save thousands on repairs. Here’s what you’ll get when you register your free account today:

Mechanic Hotline

Our ASE-certified mechanics are available Monday-Friday to answer your questions and walk you through DIY fixes.

Confirmed Fix & Cost

With Premium, you can see the most likely repair for your specific vehicle, plus how much it should cost so you don’t get ripped off.


Detailed Diagnostics

Forget wasting hours Googling P0 codes. FIXD gives a detailed report of what’s wrong in simple terms, right on your smartphone.


Issue Forecast

Find out what issues your vehicle is most likely to have in the future so that you can plan ahead and take steps to avoid them.

Emissions Precheck

Be confident you’ll pass emissions testing the first time with our at-home precheck that saves time and money.

Vehicle History Report

Buying a used car? Get the full history of any vehicle before you buy, including accident history, previous owner info, & more.

See For Yourself Why Car Owners Love FIXD Premium!

Sarah B.
Sarah B.
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The main use is the cost estimates for everything. It’s powerful to be able to hold that up to the mechanic and be like ‘wait a second, that estimate is way over.'
Jennifer G.
Jennifer G.
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My family has saved thousands of dollars in labor alone. Thank you! Over 6 different vehicles have been fixed using FIXD Premium.
Travis W.
Travis W.
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Love FIXD Premium. Went to a mechanic and he told me I needed much more done to my Hyundai and I told him to fix only what the app said to repair. He then asked how I know, I showed him the FIXD recommended repair and cost. Never went back.
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This has been a big money saver for me. I was having car problems and I took it to the shop. $500 to fix the car. I decided to buy this before doing the repairs and glad I did. The problem was just a mass air flow sensor. Part was only $90 and I went on YouTube and fixed it in 15 minutes with a screw driver.
Noel Williams
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If you own a vehicle you absolutely have to get one, I put in the info and it told me exactly what the problem was and rated the seriousness of it, and provided locations where I could get it fixed without getting overcharged.
C. Pereira
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Easily top 3 if not top product I have ever purchased on Amazon. Easy to set up, install, and use. The premium service is excellent with a 24/7 mechanic helpline (who went above and beyond). I had a check engine light come in with a throttle control motor specifies as the issue. In total I spent $50 for the Device, $9 for a month of premium, and $20 on a relay. Problem solved (after talking it through with the call in mechanic). I spend $79 total, or could pay $120 for a diagnostic, and still not resolve my issue. 100% would purchase again and recommend.
Gretchen M.
Gretchen M.
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I called the mechanic hotline and believe you me, my money... was well spent. I spoke to John and he was a gentleman. Didn't talk down to me... answered my questions and told me to never hesitate to call for any reason about the car. Thank you so much for the ability to call a mechanic when I need help. I appreciate it and believe you me I will tell everyone what a class A company FIXD is.

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