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Our team of ASE-Certified Mechanics can save you thousands
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FIXD Mechanic Hotline

  • Second Opinions, Cost Estimates, and Repair Walkthroughs
  • ASE - Certified Mechanics
  • Only $4.99 a Month!
*Also available for purchase in the FIXD app

Every Driver's Best Friend Our team is ready to help whenever you need us.

Peace of Mind

Have confidence that your car repair is done correctly and at the right price.

Get a 2nd Opinion

Have questions about what is being done to your car? Call our mechanics for a 2nd opinion.

ASE-Certified FIXD Mechanics

Our Mechanics are certified with the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence.

Save Hundreds Per Service

Avoid paying unnecessary repairs and upcharges at a mechanic shop or dealership.

Always on Your Side

We are there to help you be better informed – not to sell you unnecessary repairs.

Learn What's REALLY Needed

Use our FIXD Mechanics to prevent yourself from being taken advantage of when you’re getting your car serviced.

Hear From Our Users

The shop wanted $356 to replace a belt that costs $12 at the parts store. NO WAY! I decided to do it myself, but I got stuck at one part and called the FIXD Mechanic Hotline. Mike from FIXD helped walk me through the part I was stuck on and made sure I did it right. He saved me hours of struggling myself, thanks Mike!
Bill C.
I called the FIXD Mechanic when I was at the repair shop to get a second opinion and realized the shop was trying to charge me for something that had nothing to do with the repair. They suggested a reputable shop in my area and that shop was able to do the job for half the price! Thanks FIXD Mechanics!
Susan T.
My car was making this horrible noise and started driving funny, so I called the FIXD Mechanic Hotline. The guy on the line walked me through what the problem might be for my car and even told me the questions I should ask the shop when I take my car in to get it fixed!
Mariana V.

It's Your Turn To Be In Control Of Your VehicleStart Using the FIXD Mechanic Hotline Today

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Only $4.99 /month!

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*Also available for purchase in the FIXD app

Frequently Asked Questions

Operating hours are from Monday to Friday 8 AM to 8 PM Eastern Time, Saturday 8 AM to 5:30 PM Eastern, and Closed on Sunday.

For your subscription period you can call as many times as you want. There are no limits on the number of calls you can make per subscription period. There are NO hidden fees and NO dollar per minute charges.

No, our mechanics are able to communicate with people that have any level of car knowledge. They are able to communicate complex engine issues with easy to understand common terminology.

Additional information is not necessary but knowing the year, make, and model of your vehicle (i.e. 2005 Honda Accord) is helpful for diagnosis. Additionally if you have a FIXD Sensor with an engine code, that information can be very helpful for diagnosis.

Yes, our FIXD Mechanics are all ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) -Certified Technicians

Our mechanics are capable of answering a host of questions including:

  • Mechanical diagnosis to narrow down and, if possible, determine the issues and provide information helpful to a repair shop
  • Technical Assistance and guidance on vehicle features (including rental cars), basic maintenance, and mechanical problems
  • Repair validation & second opinion when customers have concerns about the mechanical diagnosis and repair recommendations provided by a repair facility
  • Store locator to direct you to a trusted, nationally affiliated, warranty providing repair facility
  • Repair Cost estimator using the most current part costs and labor rates specific to your vehicle and U.S. region

The FIXD Mechanic Hotline is a recurring subscription that can be ended at any time.

Our subscription has a 3 day money back guarantee.

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