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Could Cost You: $51 - $75

Upsell: Hey Ma’am, I just checked and your air filters are looking really dirty, can I go ahead and replace that for you?”

This is a common tactic to raise your bill or as shops call them, the RO (repair order). Some will even show you your air filter next to a brand new one so that it looks especially filthy.

What you need to know:
-Air filters are typically changed every 15-60K miles.
-Give the FIXD Mechanic Hotline a call to double check or check your maintenance timeline
-These filters are easy to access, so you can inspect the filters yourself every 6-12 months. 
-Shops may try to upsell you on engine air filters, cabin air filters, and maybe even fuel filters, which can cost $30-$50+ when replaced in the shop
-You can buy these filters online or at an auto parts store for $7-$15 and replace them yourself without any specialized tools or knowledge

How to respond:

If your filters were replaced according to your maintenance schedule:
Your response
: “No thanks. I had my air filters replaced on time, so they should be good.”

If it’s time to replace or if the filter has debris and dark spots:
Your response
: “How much is that going to cost? That sounds kind of high. I think I’ll just do it myself at home.”