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Ripoff Protection Program

Could Cost You: Free inspection that could lead to $100s in additional repairs

Upsell: “Thanks for coming in today! We’ll go ahead and do a free multi-point inspection while we’ve got you back for an oil change just to make sure everything’s running smoothly.”

It seems harmless, even helpful… but there’s another side to the multi-point inspection you should know about. These inspections, because they are routine and recommended, are a prime opportunity for shady repair shops to identify upsell opportunities when all you really wanted was a quick oil change. Some shops even charge you for the right to upsell you with these inspections! If the shop you are at does this and wants you to blindly pay for repairs, time to find another mechanic, which FIXD can help you with.

What you need to know:

-Multi-point inspections are often used as a checklist of services to upsell or charge you without your approval
-Watch out for shops that do these inspections without asking for your permission.
-Use the FIXD app to track your own routine maintenance needs rather than relying on a shop’s own inspections
-Use FIXD Premium’s Issue Forecast feature to predict future car problems so you know what to look for before the mechanic does
-If you are feeling unsure , it never hurts to get a second opinion. You can contact The FIXD Mechanic Hotline to talk through any repairs or questions you may have, or to help you find another trusted shop in your area