Never Get Stuck Alone on the Road AgainAnytime, Anywhere, FIXD Roadside Assistance will be there in 30 minutes or Less

FIXD Roadside Assistance

  • 15 Million Customers Served Annually
  • Over 45,000 Tow Trucks in our Network
  • 24 Hour Vehicle Support for less than $1/Week
Join Now ($49)

Special Offer! Less than $1 per week

Only $50 a year or less than $1 per week for the first year. AAA Charges ~$66

24 Hour Roadside Assistance

Includes: Towing, Tire Changes. Battery Jump Starts, Lockouts, and Gas delivery

Tow Service

Five 15-Mile Tows

Tire Change

24 – Hour Tire Changes

Jumps Starts

24 – Hour Battery Jump Starts


24 – Hour Map Routing, Discounts, and Reservations


Free Locksmith services up to $50

Q: What is FIXD Roadside Assistance?
A: FIXD Roadside Assistance is vehicle protection that serves  you 24/7 in roadside emergencies like:

  • Vehicle Towing (Five 15 Mile Tows for any reason)
  • Dead Batteries
  • Vehicle Lockout
  • Flat Tire
  • Gas, Water, or Oil shortage (You just pay for the supplies)

Q: Do I need a FIXD sensor to purchase FIXD Roadside?
A: No! FIXD Roadside can be purchased by drivers without the FIXD Sensor

Q: Is FIXD Roadside available in my country and state?
A: FIXD Roadside is available in the United States in all states except California

Q: How does FIXD Rate against other Roadside Assistance?
A: FIXD Roadside Assistance ranks #1`with Tow411 which represents tow companies across the United States. This means towers prefer FIXD Roadside and prioritize serving our customers over other companies

Q: Why haven’t I heard of FIXD Roadside before now?
A: FIXD Roadside is part of a recent partnership with a leading auto service club. FIXD Roadside gives you all the benefits of a national brand at a rate you can afford.

FIXD Roadside Assistance*

AAA Roadside Assistance

  $49.99 / year~$66.00 / year
Tow 411 Rating
(correlates with better service &
faster response times)
#1 (for 2017 and 2016)#2
Towing Mileage and
Number of Covered Tows
FIVE 15-Mile TowsFOUR 5-Mile Tows
Covered Tows
Towing for ANY reasonNon-accident related tows ONLY
24 - Hour Concierge Service
24 – Hour Roadside Support,
Battery Service,
and Towing
Lost Key and Lockout Service
Theft and Hit-and-Run Protection
Hotel and Rental Discounts
Map Routing Service

Guaranteed On-time Arrival
We’ll reach you within 30 minutes of our estimated time. AAA does not offer this fast-service guarantee.

Full-Year Satisfaction Guarantee
We’ll give you a full year to make sure you’re completely satisfied with your FIXD Roadside Assistance…or we’ll refund the cost of your paid membership.

Don't get Stuck without FIXD Roadside Assistance Purchase Today and Receive Coverage

*FIXD Roadside Assistance currently unavailable in CA