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Transform Your Smartphone Into A Heads-Up Display

New technology is perfect for ANYONE who drives.

  • Easily navigate while keeping your eyes on the road
  • Check your speed, maps, traffic, & more
  • Works in ALL cars and trucks
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VIZR makes driving safer and more fun by putting the power of your smartphone directly on your dash.

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Place VIZR on Dash 

Take VIZR out of box, place on your dash – done in seconds!

Select Feature 

Select your navigation feature, then place your phone on VIZR.

Drive Safer 

Conveniently drive and navigate while viewing the road ahead!
[startapp_block_title tag_title=”h1″ alignment=”center” skin=”light” animation=”” title=”Your Driving Companion” subtitle=”VIZR makes driving safe and fun.”]
[startapp_icon_box alignment=”center” background=”hover” background_effect=”scale-down” skin=”light” animation=”” image=”3333″ title=”Easy Navigation” background_color=”#ffffff”]Use VIZR for navigation while keeping your eyes undistracted on the road ahead.[/startapp_icon_box]
[startapp_icon_box alignment=”center” background=”hover” background_effect=”scale-down” skin=”light” animation=”” image=”3338″ title=”Safety First” background_color=”#ffffff”]Keep your family safe and protected by using VIZR to use the phone features you love while driving hands free.[/startapp_icon_box]
[startapp_icon_box alignment=”center” background=”hover” background_effect=”scale-down” skin=”light” animation=”” image=”3340″ title=”Works Out Of The Box” background_color=”#ffffff”]VIZR is very simple to setup.  With no wires and no installation, VIZR can be setup in under 1 minute.  [/startapp_icon_box]
[startapp_icon_box alignment=”center” background=”hover” background_effect=”scale-down” skin=”light” animation=”” image=”3346″ title=”One Size Fits All” background_color=”#ffffff”]VIZR’s universal design fit all phone makes, models, and sizes.[/startapp_icon_box]
[startapp_icon_box alignment=”center” background=”hover” background_effect=”scale-down” skin=”light” animation=”” image=”3341″ title=”Latest Technology” background_color=”#ffffff”]VIZR brings the latest in connected car technology to your car at an affordable price.[/startapp_icon_box]
[startapp_icon_box alignment=”center” background=”hover” background_effect=”scale-down” skin=”light” animation=”” image=”3336″ title=”Perfect Gift” background_color=”#ffffff”]VIZR makes a great gift for moms and dads, seniors, new drivers, and car gadgeteers. [/startapp_icon_box]
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VIZR Features

From navigation to trip statistics, VIZR has it all!

[startapp_icon_box layout=”horizontal” animation=”” image=”3392″ title=”Navigation” class=”app-box app-box-1″]Use GPS navigation to easily get to your destination and see the path ahead.[/startapp_icon_box]
[startapp_icon_box layout=”horizontal” animation=”” image=”3393″ title=”Fighter Jet Mode” class=”app-box app-box-2″]See a high tech view of your driving – just like a fighter pilot![/startapp_icon_box]
[startapp_icon_box layout=”horizontal” animation=”” image=”3394″ title=”Trip Mode” class=”app-box app-box-3″]View trip statistics about your current drive.[/startapp_icon_box]
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“It’s A Blast To Use!”

I originally bought VIZR because I was tired of holding and looking at my phone to navigate or see what traffic looked like ahead. I wanted to be a safer driver – especially with my two kids in the car. But truthfully, now that I’ve been using it a while. I have to say, it’s such a blast to use. My coworkers and friends are always amazed at how neat it is. And now most of them have one too!

“Driving In The Dark Doesn’t Worry Me At All Anymore.”

I’ve had trouble driving at night because my eyes don’t adjust very well to the darkness. So I’m always afraid to drive at night. But now with VIZR, I can plainly see the road in front of me. I don’t get panicked like I used to at the slightest road curve. It’s pretty amazing. And seeing it lit up at night like a cockpit is pretty cool – I actually feel like a pilot.

“Bought One – Bought Several More!”

VIZR has made my in-car navigation totally obsolete! It always made me nervous looking away from the road to view the navigation display in my car. But with this neat little gadget, I don’t have to anymore. It’s so much safer checking street maps now. I actually just bought 3 more – each for my siblings who are newer drivers and need help keeping their eyes on the road!

Ready to get started?
Let VIZR put you back in the driver seat.

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Buy 2, Get 1 FREE

$26.66 ea. (Total $79.99)

FREE USA Shipping


30 Day Money-Back Guarantee


Buy 1, Get 1 50% Off

$29.99 ea. (Total $59.99)

+ S&H


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Retail $39.99!

+ S&H


30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

*Orders placed today ship immediately.
Ships from Atlanta, GA

The perks of shopping

[startapp_testimonial background=”solid” background_color=”primary” skin=”light” animation=”” name=”Tammy P” company=”California” avatar=”5563″]

VIZR helps me keep my family safe. I can navigate around town while keeping my eyes on the road. A must-have for any parent.



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[startapp_testimonial background=”solid” background_color=”primary” skin=”light” animation=”” name=”Karen M” company=”Florida” avatar=”5564″]

VIZR allows me to see directions and the roads at the same time. After I put my phone on VIZR, I don’t have to mess with it again! No more looking down to check for directions – Love it!


[startapp_testimonial background=”solid” background_color=”primary” skin=”light” animation=”” name=”Tom B” company=”Nebraska” avatar=”5567″]

I have an older car and wanted an inexpensive way to add navigation on my dashboard. I tried a couple different heads up displays but my phone kept sliding off of other products. I like VIZR for its sticky feet and rubber bumpers which hold VIZR and my phone in place while going around sharp turns. I’ve even been able to move VIZR around on my dash and VIZR retained its stickiness without leaving marks on my dashboard.


[startapp_testimonial background=”solid” background_color=”primary” skin=”light” animation=”” name=”Jim L” company=”Georgia” avatar=”5565″]

I bought this product because new state laws require my phone to be on a phone holder. I was stopped a week after I purchased VIZR and it helped me keep from getting a ticket for texting while driving. The cops even thought it was the coolest phone holder they had seen.


[startapp_testimonial background=”solid” background_color=”primary” skin=”light” animation=”” name=”Brian S” company=”Texas” avatar=”5566″]

I finally got my son to use a phone holder!!! He didn’t like other phone holders because they “looked tacky” in his car. We found VIZR and he loves it for its futuristic design and technology. He loves using the fighter pilot mode in the FIXD app. Finally something that gets him to put his phone away while driving.