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How to Clean Bearings At Home in 8 Steps

how to clean bearings

Cleaning Bearings Is an Intermediate Job for Most DIYers. Here’s Everything You Need to Know to Clean Bearings at Home. DIY Difficulty Level: Intermediate Time Required: Approximately two to three hours per bearing Tools & Materials: Brake cleaner Clean rags Flathead screwdriver Jack Jack stands Lug wrench Adjustable pliers Needle-nose pliers Wrench and socket set […]

The Ultimate Guide to Car Maintenance for Beginners

Technician check the engine daily, maintenance and repair concept

Don’t know much about basic car maintenance? FIXD has you covered! Whether you’re looking to keep your car on the road for years to come or just keep it in great condition to maximize resale value, proper car maintenance is key. On average, Americans now keep their cars for a little over 12 years. Meanwhile, […]

Practical Guide on How to Tint Your Car’s Windows

installs a tint film for the car glass - selective focus point

Tinting Windows Is an Advanced Task for DIYers. Here’s How to Tint Your Car Windows at Home. DIY Difficulty Level: Advanced Time Required: 3-4 hours Tools & Materials: Tint film Soapy water Spray bottle Lint-free cleaning cloth Squeegee Heat gun/blow dryer Razor knife Scraper blade/hard card What Is Window Tint? Window tinting is applying a […]

How to Clean Cloth Car Seats

how to clean cloth car seats

Cleaning Cloth Car Seats is a Beginner Job for Most DIYers. Here’s Everything You Need to Know to Clean Cloth Car Seats at Home. DIY Difficulty Level: Beginner Time Required: 1 to 2 Hours Tools & Materials: Vacuum Cleaner Fabric Cleaner Interior Brush (Soft or Medium Bristles) Microfiber Towel What Is Cloth Car Seat Cleaning? Many cars, […]

How To Remove a Windshield

how to remove a windshield

Removing a Windshield Is an Advanced-Level Repair for Most DIYers. Here’s Everything You Need To Know To Remove a Windshield at Home. DIY Difficulty Level: Advanced Time Required: One to two hours Tools & Materials:  Windshield trim removal tool An 18″ urethane cut-out knife Windshield suction cups Socket and ratchet set What Are Windshields? Car […]

How To Make Tires Last Longer

how to make tires last longer

Tires are one of the most expensive car components to replace, but driving with worn-out tires is not an option for both safety and legal reasons. New tires should have a tread depth of between 10/32 to 11/32 inches or 8 to 9 millimeters. As with many other car components, tires are subjected to rigorous daily […]

How to Lower a Car

how to lower a car

Lowering a Car’s Suspension Is An Advanced Project for Most DIYers. Here’s Everything You Need to Know to Lower a Car at Home. DIY Difficulty Level: Advanced Time Required: 3 hours Tools & Materials: Air compressor Air impact gun Lowering springs Jack Jack stands Socket set What Is Lowering a Car? Image via Flickr by Arturo Hurtado […]

How to Get a Better Throttle Response

Close-up of the engine, throttle, raditor. Engine breakdown: contaminated throttle of an old car

Improving Throttle Response Is an Intermediate Level Modification for Most DIYers. Here’s Everything You Need to Know to Improve Your Throttle Response at Home. DIY Difficulty Level: Intermediate Time Required: A few hours Tools & Materials:  Air filter Cold air intake Throttle body spacer Exhaust system Spark plugs and wires Tool kit What Is Throttle Response? […]

Auto Parts Recycle

Close up old catalytic converter in hand Car service man remove from engine gasoline car dust clogged condition on filter in service concept and engine room in the background

Plenty of material goes into making cars, and a lot of it can be recycled at the end of your vehicle’s life span. Auto parts recycling lets you make the most of these materials, sending them off to be reused in a wide variety of other applications. A lot of new cars already contain recycled […]

How To Hook Up a Car Battery

Male mechanic changing car battery

Hooking Up a Car Battery Is a Beginner Job for Most DIYers. Here’s Everything You Need To Know To Hook Up a Car Battery at Home. DIY Difficulty Level: Beginner Time Required: 30 minutes Tools & Materials: Car battery Battery wrench Socket set What Is Hooking Up a Car Battery? A car battery is the […]