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Save $1000s on car repairs

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Why do more than 3 million drivers love FIXD?

“Recently had check engine light came on. Wife used FIXD program on my cell phone to see what was wrong. Pulled over off road in a safe place, left engine running, got out and tightened gas cap as per instructions. Check engine light now off. Problem solved. Thanks to my FIXD gizmo.”

- Stephan D

“As a female who likes to do it herself other than paying a mechanic or being lied to bc I’m a female and taking advantage of by jacking up cost or by fixing problems that don’t exist. I have 2 boxes and have fixed countless issues with 3 vehicles I own. Best investment ever made.”

- Ashley A

“Certainly a handy little gadget to have at your fingertips and well worth the peace of mind. I would recommend this clever little device to anyone that owns or drives a car it is a must have. I will go back and buy several more!”

- Jayme F

I bought 2 Fixd as my husband had passed away and I thought they would be great protection against wrong diagnosed on car. They have given me 2 diagnose which have been spot on. I feel safe with Fixd in my car. Thanks for inventing FIXD.

- Lillian M

It has been a while experience playing with this device as it has saved me time and money, it paid itself on the first time I used it.Fixd is a life saver. Thanks

- Elmer Y.

It’s one of the best investments I’ve made. Especially now that I’m a single woman, it helps me take better care of the things my husband use too. The app is easy to use and very understandable!

- Carole L.

Incredibly easy to use.  The app is easy to read and very helpful.  When shops/dealerships charge $125 for a diagnostic these things more than pay for themselves with one use.

- Anonymous

It works as advertised and better. I have come to depend on it. It saves time and money. Eliminates a lot of guesswork. I like it so much I bought six more at Christmas and gave to my adult children, so I didn’t have to lend mine away.

-Craig S.

I was skeptical at first. Within minutes of set up, I plugged it in and got my answer right away. Gave me the code, definition, and degree of severity. Bonus was connecting with a mechanic, price and repair date at the same time. Goodbye costly garage inspection charges!

-Julio M.

I once sent my vehicle to a mechanic for diagnostic and that alone cost me $120. Just a ripoff.FIXD does the same job. Please don’t wait for you to be told twice before you get FIXD, thanks

-Benson A.

“Every toolbox needs a
FIXD sensor.”

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"There's a fitness tracker for your car."

"A must have for preventative maintenance and troubleshooting. FIXD is car care made simple!

"A good deal for anyone who wants to have insight on the health of their car. "

" Stride straight into J... Repair and tell them exac... busted. "



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