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Best & Worst Years of Acura MDX – Graphs & Owner Surveys

Acura MDX traversing the mountainside with the ocean in its background

The Acura MDX is a mid-size luxury SUV that offers three-row seating for larger families. It’s produced by the Japanese manufacturer Honda as part of the Acura luxury division that began in 2002. In fact, it shares many of the same features as the Honda Pilot. The MDX has been in production since 2001 and […]

Best & Worst Years of Dodge Charger – Graphs & Owner Surveys

powerful american muscle car Dodge Charger at the countryside

When the Dodge Charger returned for Generation Six in 2006, it had big shoes to fill as the nameplate stretched back to the American muscle car heydays of the 1960s. Dodge has since been on top of its marketing game, successfully positioning the modern Charger as a fitting successor with big V8s, rear-wheel-drive, and plenty […]

Honda Odyssey vs. Toyota Sienna | 2023 Comparison + The Best Model Year For Every Budget

Honda Odyssey vs Toyota Sienna side by side against a plain background

Starting in the mid-1980s, minivans served as the de facto family hauler. However, this vehicle type lost favor due to the rise of SUVs in the 2000s. Today, only four minivans are on the market: the Honda Odyssey, Toyota Sienna, Chrysler Pacifica, and Kia Carnival.  We’ve previously covered Honda-Toyota match-ups (check out our articles on […]

Best & Worst Years of Cadillac DeVille – Graphs & Owner Surveys

Classic Cadillac Deville model driving on an empty highway, aerial view

The Cadillac DeVille is an iconic American luxury sedan that began production in the United States in 1949. It had a historic run of 56 years before Cadillac retired the DeVille nameplate and rebranded the full-size sedan as the DTS. The Cadillac DeVille defined luxury during its tenure. Every year, it brought a new change […]

Best & Worst Years of Nissan Rogue – Graphs & Owner Surveys

2020 Nissan Rogue SV AWD in Moab, Utah, United States.

Ever since the Nissan Rogue hit the compact crossover scene in 2008, it has thrived on delivering car-like driving dynamics and rare-for-the-segment features like third-row seating and a hybrid powertrain. Though these options vary by year, one thing that hasn’t changed of late is the Rogue’s best-seller status within Nissan’s lineup.   Given that popularity, it’s […]

Best & Worst Years of Nissan Versa – Graphs & Owner Surveys

Motor car Nissan Versa in the city street.

As the subcompact car segment dwindles, the Nissan Versa stands tall. Well, the latest model isn’t as tall as the earlier generations were. Still, nonetheless, the Versa has maintained its position as an ultra-low-cost option for those needing basic transportation.  Introduced in 2007, the Versa has historically delivered top-shelf fuel economy from a tiny engine […]

Toyota RAV4 vs. Subaru Forester | 2023 Comparison + The Best Model Year For Every Budget

Toyota RAV4 and Subaru Forester in the city street at daytime. Side by side photo

Right now, there’s no hotter segment in the car business than the compact crossover. Buyers can’t get enough of those small utilities. And every mainstream automaker has an entry. The Toyota RAV4 is the category’s best-seller, but the Subaru Forester is an aggressive challenger, always seeking to do better.  Interestingly, Toyota is a minority shareholder […]

Best & Worst Years of Ford Fiesta – Graphs & Owner Surveys

New 2020 Ford Fiesta car model presented at a Motor Show.

The Ford Fiesta is a unique subcompact car produced in the United States for one generation from 2011 to 2019. The Fiesta’s history in Europe extends further than that, where Ford made the car as a “supermini” from 1976-2023. However, we are only focused on the American model of the vehicle.  The Ford Fiesta is […]