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DIY Repair Guides

General DIY Guides 11 Ways to Maximize Fuel Economy (and Beat High Gas Prices) 5 Mechanic Upsells and How To Avoid Them How To Fix a Car Starter How To Fix a Stripped Screw Hole in Metal (3 DIY Methods) How to Fix Ignition Switch How To Polish Aluminum How to Use Jack Stands for […]

How To Replace Your Engine Air Filter: A Complete Guide

How to change an engine air filter

How To Replace Your Engine Air Filter DIY Difficulty Level: Beginner Time Required: 5 to 15 minutes Tools & Materials: A new air filter Cost: $18-$22 (A mechanic will charge $53-$71) Step 1: Buy a new engine air filter The cost to replace an engine air filter is relatively cheap, normally under $20, and they’re […]

How To Clean Wiper Blades

The mechanic is changing the wipers in the parking lot. Change the wiper tires to prepare for the windshield cleaning while raining during the rainy season.

Cleaning Wiper Blades Is a Beginner Task for Most DIYers. Here’s Everything You Need to Know to Clean Wiper Blades at Home. DIY Difficulty Level: Beginner Time Required: 10 to 20 minutes Tools & Materials: Dish soap, microfiber cloths, rubbing alcohol, vinegar (optional) What Are Wiper Blades? Windshield wipers are the first line of defense […]

How to Change Oil: A Complete Guide

Diesel exhaust fluid

Time Required: An hour or less DIY Difficulty: Beginner Savings: $20-$60 every 3-6 months compared to getting an oil change at the shop If you want to save money on car care, learning how to change your car’s oil is a great place to start. Not only does this relatively simple job require few parts and […]

Car Temperature Warning Light: Is Your Car Overheating?

What Does It Mean When The Car Temperature Light Turns On? The engine temperature light means your engine is overheating. Not every car uses this symbol. Some cars just have a text warning that says “TEMP” or a description of what is happening. This is a very serious warning and you should stop driving immediately. […]

Oxygen Sensors (O2 Sensors): How They Work & What They Do

Oxygen Sensor Repair in Arizona

What Do O2 Sensors Do? 02 sensors measure the amount of oxygen in the exhaust and report the level to your vehicle’s computer. There are O2 sensors before and after the catalytic converter. The upstream O2 sensor controls how much fuel is added to the air/fuel mixture. The downstream O2 sensor makes sure the catalytic […]

What Is The Catalytic Converter?

Cross section of catalytic converter with sensor flue gas

What Is A Catalytic Converter? A catalytic converter is a part of your car’s exhaust system. Its job is to remove the harmful pollutants from your exhaust before the exhaust leaves your muffler. All gasoline cars built after 1974 are required to have a catalytic converter. Catalytic converters reduce pollution and make the air safer […]

How To Fix Jeep Windshield Washer That Isn’t Spraying

Car engine windshield washer fluid reservoir cap close-up

Correcting Issues With The Windshield Washer Is a Beginner Repair for Most DIYers. Here’s Everything You Need to Know to Fix A Jeep Windshield Washer at Home. What Is A Windshield Washer? The windshield washer system is designed to assist the windshield wipers to clean debris from the windshield. Windshield washer fluid might be the […]

Best Auto Repair Loans When You’re in a Fix

Notepad with loan question inside a sketch of a house with a miniature car and calculator

It’s no secret that it costs much less to maintain a vehicle than it does to make repairs after a part breaks. The average cost of common repairs are between $500 and $600, but some repairs can cost even more than that. AAA recommends that car owners try to put aside a minimum of $50 a month […]

How to Get the Maximum Towing Performance Out of Your Vehicle

how to increase towing capacity

Improving Your Towing Performance Is an Intermediate to Advanced Project for Most DIYers. Here’s Everything You Need To Know To Get the Maximum Towing Performance at Home. DIY Difficulty Level: Intermediate to advanced, depending on the upgrade(s) Time Required: 1 hour or more, depending on the difficulty of the upgrade(s) Tools & Materials: Radiator Hitch […]