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Holiday Gift Guide: 16 Last-Minute Gifts They’ll Actually Use


Wondering what to get the car lover in your family? Know someone who could use some cool new tools to keep their car in tip-top shape? Then check out our 2022 holiday gift guide below for the best gift ideas for your car that have been thoroughly vetted and approved by our FIXD Mechanics!

1. Car Battery Emergency Jumper & Charger for Electronics

A must-have for every driver… this versatile kit not only jumps off dead batteries in seconds, but also acts as a portable power bank and LED flashlight.

2. Streamlight Rechargeable Pocket Flashlight

This ultra-compact, virtually indestructible flashlight is not only rechargeable but attaches to a ball cap or visor for hands-free use under the hood.

3. Olight Rechargeable Flashlight

This small, but mighty flashlight is perfect for everything from project cars to camping! It has multiple modes to choose from, max output of 1150 lumens, small squared texture for easy portability and grip, and a super-fast charger. Check it out…

4. Grypmat Pro Tool Holder

Always forgetting where you put small parts and tools? Tired of simple fixes that end up taking twice as long they should? This #1 best seller that was featured on Shark Tank will help you get organized once and for all so you can spend less time cursing your 10mm and more time hanging with your buddies.

5. Chemical Guys Car Cleaning Kit

Chemical Guys are known for their top-notch car care products, and this kit is sure to make any car enthusiast very happy. The car cleaning kit includes their signature butter wet wax, clay bar, glass cleaner, citrus wash and gloss, protectant, and more so you can maintain that showroom shine.

6. 3 Ton Aluminum Jack & Stands

This lightweight aluminum floor jack weighs only 75% of what a steel one does, yet it’s just as sturdy and durable. It can safely support up to 6000 pounds. Plus, with Rapid Rise Technology, you can easily lift most workloads with only 3.5 pumps.

7. GEARWRENCH Wrench Set

It’s a cinch to secure nuts and bolts of all sizes and models with this complete 16-piece ratcheting wrench set. Best of all, they only take a small swing to tighten fasteners, so you can get more done with less effort!

8. Tool Magnetizer/Demagnetizer

Always dropping screws, nails, and drill bits? Magnetize your tools! This top-notch, all-in-one tool magnetizer and demagnetizer makes it a breeze – no batteries or electric required. Perfect for DIYers and professional auto body shops alike.

9. Quality Tire Pressure Guage

Look like a pro every time you check your tire pressure with this ultra-accurate gauge from Jaco, built to last from solid brass.

10. Portable Waterproof Cell Phone Charger

Need to charge your phone in a pinch so you can access your FIXD app or call for help on the road? Take this portable waterproof power bank everywhere you go, and never get caught without power. Compatible with iPhone and Android.

11. Mechanix Work Gloves

Great winter gift or stocking stuffer! These tactical gloves come equipped with Tek Dry to keep wearers’ hands comfortable in any conditions. Ideal for everything from car maintenance and handyman chores to going to the shooting range!

12. Fluke Digital Multimeter

For testing a dead car battery and much, much more, this multimeter is the perfect tool to add to the automotive tech’s arsenal! It’s high-quality, durable, and accurate. Our favorite part? Thanks to VoltAlert technology you can get the job done even faster with contact-free voltage detection!

13. Coolant System Refiller Kit

Forget time-consuming bleeding and purging. Eliminate airlocks and refill the entire coolant system in minutes with this coolant system refill kit. It’s a best seller! 

14. GEARWRENCH Mechanics Tool Box Set

The perfect 239-piece tool set for the mechanic or car junkie in your life. Includes high-quality chrome SAE and metric 1/4″, 3/8″ and 1/2″ standard sockets, and 1/4″ and 3/8″ deep sockets in a 3-drawer storage box for safe-keeping.

15. Tamper Proof Tool Kit

Don’t let manufacturers lock you out and then overcharge for repairs! Get all the tamper-resistant fasteners you’ll ever need in one easy-to-access kit.

16. Fender Cover

Keep your paint in perfect condition while you work under the hood with this durable magnetic microfiber leather fender cover

Kate McKnight

Wife, mom, Content Manager & Senior Copywriter at FIXD. From the garage to the gym, I love helping people learn and grow. Dream car: ‘69 Acapulco Blue Mustang.

We’re here to help you simplify car care and save, so this post may contain affiliate links to help you do just that. If you click on a link and take action, we may earn a commission. However, the analysis and opinions expressed are our own.


About the Author

Kate McKnight

Kate McKnight

Wife, mom, Content Manager & Senior Copywriter at FIXD. From the garage to the gym, I love helping people learn and grow. Dream car: ‘69 Acapulco Blue Mustang.

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