Airbag Light

What does the airbag warning light do and why is it on?

The airbag warning light means there is an error code current or stored in the airbag system. This light is also called an SRS warning light which stands for a supplemental restraint system. When this light is on, the airbags will not work in the event of an accident. 

Common reasons for this to happen

  • A faulty airbag
  • An airbag is unplugged
  • The vehicle has had airbags deployed
  • A short or open in the airbag wiring

Can I drive with the airbag warning light on?

You can drive with the airbag warning light on, but be warned that if you are unfortunately in an accident the airbags will not work. The safest bet is to not drive the vehicle and have the vehicle repaired. 

How do I fix an airbag warning light?

  1. Have the codes checked, diagnosed, and repaired by a qualified repair facility
  2. Sometimes if you have stuff under your front seats they can unplug the airbag connectors. Try to keep the underside of the front seats clear of any foreign debris. To fix this check for disconnected yellow plugs under the front two seats. (WARNING: If you see them unplugged, disconnect the battery before plugging them in.)

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do when the airbag warning light comes on?

  • Take the vehicle to a qualified repair facility to have it diagnosed and repaired.

Can I fix the airbag light myself?

  • In most cases, the airbag light should be left to the professionals.

If my car has been in a wreck can my airbags be reused?

  • If they have been deployed no, but if the wreck didn’t cause airbag deployment, they most likely will not need to be replaced and can be reused.

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  1. I just want to clear the code. The seat got wet and just needs the code cleared

  2. Ok I’m

    1. Como lo arreglaste.how you fixed

  3. Need to know what’s going on with the airbag light it’s still on, can you pinpoint a diagnosis? Would appreciate some information to repair problem mechanic all my life no big deal need to know the information

  4. Is there a way to obtain the reason why my airbag light is remaining on? The vehicle has not been in an accident. The coil spring has been replaced with a new one from Ford. I am aware that it can be the result of several other factors, including cables not connected properly, and I have been checking cables. Will the sensor detect and tell me the exact reason why I am seeing this light so I can fix it before my safety inspection tomorrow?

  5. I had my drivers side seat bottom repaired so it was unplugged. Now it is plugged back
    In but I can’t shut the warning light off

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