How FIXD is Leveling the Playing Field

For decades, the thought of car repair has been a frustrating and stress-inducing topic for tens of millions of drivers across the world. Let’s start with the good news: FIXD is completely changing this process and is here to make car problems stress free.

But before we talk about how we’re doing that, let’s recap the general process that we’ve all been through with car repair:

  1. You have a car problem
  2. You try doing some research online only to get more confused and frustrated
  3. You take your car to a mechanic to get a quote
  4. They look at the car and give you a scary, technical description at a cost WAY above what you were anticipating
  5. You are left frustrated and confused, not knowing if you should trust them and what to do
Sound familiar? The biggest problem in this process is what we call information asymmetry. It may sound confusing, but all it means is that one party (the mechanic) knows more about the topic than you (the driver), so he can tell you what he wants and charge you what he wants without you knowing if they are being honest. At FIXD, we don’t think this is fair. We believe that every driver should have access to the same information their mechanic has so they can make smart decisions based on what their car is telling them – NOT based on a quote given to them by a shady mechanic.

So How Is FIXD Leveling the Playing Field?

Every car made after 1996 has a special connector located under the steering wheel called the OBD-II port. Even if you haven’t seen it before, trust us – it’s there!  This is the same port that mechanics plug their expensive tools into when you bring your car into the shop for a diagnosis. They use these tools to read information from the car, and they translate this information and then let you know the problem.

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