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How Much Does An Oxygen Sensor Cost To Replace?

FIXD wants to make sure that we report the most accurate price estimates for repairs and maintenance as possible! In order to do this, we consult with real mechanics to get honest answers about what a specific car repair might cost. We report not only the cost of the repair, but also any additional add-ons. These add-ons include any service that our mechanics feel would most likely accompany the original repair.

Maintenance: Oxygen Sensor Repair/Replacement

Estimated Price at the Mechanic: $275-$500

The amount of oxygen sensors a vehicle has varies. Every car made after 1996 is required to have an oxygen sensor upstream and downstream of each catalytic converter. It is important that your oxygen sensors are functioning properly so that your vehicle’s computer can know if your exhaust has the correct air to fuel ratio at a given time. This helps prevent your engine from running too rich or too lean, which in turn prevents excess emissions being created by your vehicle. It is good to periodically replace your oxygen sensors in order to make sure your vehicle is operating at peak fuel efficiency.

Breakdown of Price:

$155-$380 for necessary parts; $120 Labor, with the average labor time being 1 hour

The price of an Oxygen Sensor varies greatly depending on your vehicle and the brand of the sensor. While some sites say that certain sensors go for as cheap as $20, we recommend that drivers invest in good, quality brands since the oxygen sensor is such an important part of the vehicle. The final price of the parts required can run you anywhere from $155-$380 depending on how many sensors you need replaced and their quality. Labor typically costs around $120, with the average amount of labor time required being 1 hour.

Mechanic vs. DIY:

Mechanic $275-$500 vs DIY $155-$380

There is a pretty significant difference in cost between having a mechanic replace your Oxygen Sensor and doing it yourself. FIXD recommends that if you feel comfortable doing so, you should attempt to change the sensor out yourself, as it is a pretty simple task, and it can save you hundreds of dollars.

Projected Add-On Costs:

$25 Miscellaneous Exhaust Gasket

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