Check Engine Light

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What does the Check Engine Light do and why is it on?

The check engine light can come on for thousands of reasons, but with the help of a scanner such as the FIXD sensor, you can narrow it down to a hand full of reasons it’s on. The check engine light’s main purpose is to let you know that your vehicle is having a problem.

Common reasons for this to happen

  • Loose gas cap
  • Engine misfire
  • Faulty emissions components
  • Loose or disconnected electrical connectors

Can I drive with the Check Engine Light on?

Ultimately it depends on why it is on. If it’s driving abnormally, it’s best to have it towed to a repair facility. If it isn’t driving funny have the codes checked and decided based on which code you have. You can check out our blog for individual breakdowns of the reasons the check engine light is on.

How do I fix the check engine light?

  1. Find out what code it is on for 
  2. Have someone diagnosis the code or diagnosis it yourself
  3. Repair the reason it is on

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out why my check engine light is on?

  • You can take it to a repair facility or parts store to have them pull the codes with a scanner, or you can get your own scanner and pull the codes yourself. Check out the FIXD sensor for a quality built code scanner.

What does it mean when the check engine light flashes?

  • This means the engine is misfiring and should not be driven. If you continue to drive with the check engine light flashing, you could cause the catalytic converter to fail and need to be replaced.

How serious is the check engine light?

  • It depends on which code the check engine light is on for. It could be something as simple as a loose gas cap or something as serious as a misfire.


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  1. Good information, and now I have a better understanding of the signal

    1. That’s great to hear, Pat! 🙂

  2. I just hate my oil changed 2 and 1/2 weeks ago my light coming on saying change engine oil is this a sensor going out?

  3. Thanks to this small, but smart device, at least it tells me the major defects on my car before I get to the mechanic who guess and cost you more money.

    1. Glad to hear FIXD is helping you Terefe!

  4. Will not connect to my 2013 for two smart car redid 3 times now. What’s up?

    1. Hey Kevin, so sorry to hear that you are having connectivity issues. Please make sure you have the most updated version of the FIXD App additionally, please make sure you are connecting through the FIXD App and not through the Bluetooth menu of your smartphone. If you have taken these steps and are still experiencing issues, please reach out to our support team here: https://fixd.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

  5. It didn’t do anything to help me
    It told me to take it to a garage and have them check it out wtf did I buy this for

    1. Hi Troy, there are some things that are best handled by a professional and some errors that FIXD cannot detect. FIXD can’t help you fix all your car problems, but it does give you clarity so you can walk into the repair shop with confidence.

  6. Can I use the same fixed on more than one vehicle

    1. Yep! You can use the same device on multiple vehicles by unplugging it and plugging it into another then adding that second vehicle to your account. The benefit of having multiple sensors is that you can keep them connected and easily monitor car health from your app.

  7. My car runs great it’s just the check engine light is on I wonder how I can fix that

  8. My check engine light is on but my fixed says no errors found

  9. I tried to connect and entered the code on the back of the unit and it said that it was an invalid code so what’s the use of it I wasted my money

    1. I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues connecting the device. Please contact our support team here. They’d be happy to help you out and resolve the invalid code issue!

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