What does the low oil pressure warning light do and why is it on?

The Low Oil Pressure Warning light is a warning light that can illuminate on your gauge cluster to warn you that the engine has lost engine oil pressure. When this happens, significant irreversible damage can be caused to your engine. Immediately pull over, and turn off the vehicle as soon as possible to limit the damage. You may also notice an engine knock due to low oil pressure.

Common reasons for this to happen

  • Low engine oil level
  • Low engine oil pressure
  • Clogged oil filter
  • Engine oil to thick or too thin
  • Faulty oil pressure sensor
  • Worn oil pump
  • Worn engine bearings

Can I drive with the low oil pressure warning light on?

The short answer is, no. You can check some basic things we will cover in the next section, but continuing to drive without knowing exactly why the low oil pressure light is on can cause serious engine damage.

How do I fix a low oil pressure warning light?

  1. Check the engine oil level and top it off if it’s low.
  2. Change the engine oil and filter; make sure to use the correct oil viscosity for your vehicle
  3. Using an engine oil pressure gauge check the actual engine oil pressure
  4. If it is low, replace the Oil pump/Oil pressure, regulator
  5. If it is the correct pressure, consider replacing the oil pressure sensor.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make sure my low oil pressure warning light comes on?

  • Make sure to change your engine oil and filter at manufacturer recommended intervals and use the correct oil viscosity.

What do I do if my low oil pressure warning light comes on?

  • Pullover, turn off the car and check your engine oil level. If it’s low, top it off. If it’s not, I would suggest having it towed to your nearest repair facility to have it checked out.

What’s the most common reason the low oil warning light is on?

  • Low engine oil level

Why does my low oil pressure warning light come on and then turn off randomly?

  • The oil pressure is just at the point of turning the light on but is varying. Treat it as if it is on all the time, and check your engine oil level.

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