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P2195 – Meaning, Causes, Symptoms, & Fixes

Definition of Code P2195

O2 Sensor Signal Stuck Lean- Bank 1 Sensor 1

What Does P2195 Mean?

The P2195 code is a result of the engine control module (ECM) indicating that the oxygen sensor is fluctuating outside its optimal range. This specified range is characterized by a minimum of 10 cycles per second. This sensor is nicknamed the air/fuel (A/F) ratio sensor, as it monitors the air-fuel ratio of the exhaust between the engine and the catalytic converter. This code indicates that the engine could be running lean or that there is a fault in the A/F O2 sensor.

What Are the Symptoms of Code P2195?

  • Check engine light
  • Low engine power
  • Engine misfires
  • Engine running rough
  • Engine overheating

What Is the Cause of Code P2195?

  • Frayed oxygen sensor circuit wiring/connectors
  • Faulty bank 1 heated oxygen sensor 1
  • Malfunctioning fuel injector
  • Vacuum leaks
  • Fuel pressure too low
  • Debris in Mass Airflow Sensor
  • Exhaust leak

What Is the Severity of Code P2195? – Severe

Initially, this trouble code will not prevent your vehicle from running. The most common result(s) are lowered fuel economy and lack of power. However, if left unsolved, this code could cause internal engine damage as well as damage to other components, such as the catalytic converter and O2 sensors.

Code P2195 Common Diagnosis Mistakes

Prematurely replacing the oxygen (O2) sensor 1 before attempting to visually inspect the sensor wiring or checking for debris in MAF.

Tools Needed to Diagnose Code P2195:

  • FIXD
  • Fuel Pressure Gauge

How to Diagnose and Repair Code P2195:

Difficulty of Diagnosis and Repair – (3 out of 5)

  1. Check to see if there are any other codes along with P2195 and clear your Check Engine Light with FIXD.
  2. Conduct a visual inspection of wiring around the oxygen sensor(s) for fraying or disconnection.
  3. Visually check mass airflow sensor to see if it needs cleaning; clean as needed. Also, verify the air filter is properly installed, has no holes, and does not allow any debris past it.  
  4. Replace vacuum lines or intake air tube if there are signs of cracks or disconnections.
  5. Check for any exhaust leaks between the engine and the post catalytic O2 sensor. Repair as needed.
  6. Consider replacing oxygen sensor 1 bank 1 if the check-engine light persists.
  7. If concern persists, check the fuel pressure. If the pressure is low, you may need a fuel pressure regulator or fuel pump.

Estimated Cost of Repair

For error code P2195, one or more of the below repairs may be needed to solve the underlying issue. For each possible repair, the estimated cost of repair includes the cost of the relevant parts and the cost of labor required to make the repair.

  • Oxygen sensor $200-$300
  • Vacuum/Intake leak $100-$200
  • Exhaust repair $100-$200 (if welded to repair)
  • Wiring repair/replacement $100-$1000
  • Fuel pressure regulator $200-$400
  • Fuel Pump $1300-$1700

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  1. If your diagnosis were not sent, I wouldn’t have my car back. Thanks a million.

  2. I replaced the 4 oxygen sensor on f150 truck plus replaced the EGR valve now is missing more then how it was prior to this. Can you help thsnks

  3. Checked for vacuum leaks, none, there may possibly be a small exhaust leak at driver side manifold area, only until engine warms. Losing power on highway at lower rpm range but it comes and goes. Haven’t checked fuel pressure, guessing that is the next step. Any comments would be appreciated.

  4. You should consider to change harness wiring and ECM as well

  5. I think mine is bad fuel its been in the tank over 6 months

  6. Have to add antifreeze often, one time smoke was coming out from under hood and a small puddle of antifreeze was on the driveway

  7. could this be caused by a crackied exhaust manifold?

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