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The car app for everyoneAVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD ON 200+ DEVICES

The FIXD Platform


Free FIXD AppCommunicates with the FIXD Sensor to help you understand your car


FIXD OBD2 scanner

FIXD SensorPlugs into your car and sends information to the FIXD App

The FIXD AppThe Easiest Way To 'Speak Car'

The FIXD App is how you are able to understand your vehicle and its needs.  Download the FIXD app from the App Store or the Google Play Store and link it to your FIXD sensor so that you can understand what your vehicle is trying to tell you. 

FIXD app in use reading check engine light codes

Check Engine Light

Have peace of mind when the check engine light comes on. For each check engine light, you are given the severity of the problem, the consequences of continuing to drive with that problem, and a 2-3 sentence definition of how that problem affects the rest of the car. 

Check engine light code reader
Maintenance timeline


FIXD also provides the factory recommended maintenance schedule for your specific make/model/year/engine. You can see exactly what services need to be performed at each maintenance interval to help you know what is required to properly maintain your vehicle. FIXD also provides mileage-based reminders to alert you when you are approaching a maintenance interval.

Maintenance timeline push notifications

Mobile Push NotificationsRelevant Reminders

FIXD provides reminders for upcoming suggested maintenance and when a check engine light is detected.  Tapping on the notifications will open the FIXD app and give additional insights.

Multi-Vehicle ControlAll Your Vehicles In One Place

The FIXD App allows you to see the health and status of every car in the family from your app. Schedule a service for others when they are approaching maintenance intervals or need repair.

The FIXD SensorSmall. Discreet. Powerful.

The FIXD Sensor plugs into the OBD-II port of any gasoline-powered car that is 1996* and newer and connects wirelessly to the FIXD App via Bluetooth Low Energy. The FIXD Sensor’s small compact design allows it to be out of sight, out of mind.

*Compatibility with cars sold in the U.S. Also compatible with cars 2006 and newer that are sold outside the U.S.

FIXD OBD2 scanner dimensions

Keep your family safe


Never worry about the condition of your family’s cars and protect them no matter where they are.  Install a FIXD sensor in each family member’s vehicle so you can remotely monitor the health and status of their vehicle and be there for them in their time of need.
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