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Great news! FIXD is compatible with your vehicle.


Unfortunately, FIXD is not guaranteed to be compatible with your vehicle.


Getting started with FIXD

Step one: Check car and device compatibility

These vehicles are compatible:

These devices are compatible with the latest OS versions for:

Step two: Connect your FIXD sensor to your iOS or Android device

Download the free app for iOS or Android.

Register your private, personal FIXD account. (If purchased from the FIXD website, please use the same email address you provided at checkout.)

Ensure that your phone’s Bluetooth is turned on.

Step three: Set up and run your first scan

With your vehicle running, plug the FIXD sensor into your car’s OBD-II port. A blue light on the sensor will flash when properly connected.

Need help finding your OBD-II port? Check out the video below: 

Once plugged in, tap “Sensor is Plugged In” and the FIXD App will begin its search for the vehicle. It may take several seconds to find your sensor. When found, select “Tap to Setup.”

Enter your vehicle name. You may be asked to enter your VIN – the 17-character code found on the driver’s dashboard near the windshield. You can also find this code on the inside of the driver’s door.

Click “Tap to Scan” to begin a diagnostic scan of your vehicle. You’ll learn about any hidden problems your car’s engine system might have – the device delivers answers for more than 7,000 error codes right to your smartphone.

Step four: Get help with any issues FIXD has detected

  • Utilize the code descriptions, issue severity information, and explanatory Youtube videos to get a sense of what is going on in your vehicle
  • ‍If you are a FIXD Premium subscriber, you can view a Confirmed Fix & Cost to determine the repair that is likely needed to solve your issue, as well as how much it would cost in your area. You also have access to our FIXD Mechanic Hotline, who you can call to help you through repairs, review estimates, and even tell you what parts you’ll need.
  • Premium subscribers also get guaranteed estimates at our network of repair shops, an easy Car Ownership forecaster, and much more! Click here to upgrade

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! FIXD can diagnose over 7,000 common error codes, and includes manual diagnostic walkthroughs to help you pinpoint other problems, too.

Yes! Although FIXD can diagnose over 7,000 common error codes, it also includes manual diagnostic walkthroughs to help you pinpoint other problems, too.

With your FIXD Sensor and the free FIXD app, you can translate 7000+ engine codes into plain English on your smartphone, see how serious your issue is, access detailed repair guides and how-to videos, and receive automated maintenance alerts.‍

With FIXD Premium, get everything included in the free app, plus these additional features:

  • FIXD Mechanic Hotline: Call our mechanics Monday-Friday 8am-8pm for a trusted second opinion, DIY repair walkthrough, car care tips, and more at no charge.
  • Confirmed Cost & Fix: Get guaranteed cost estimates for your repairs backed by our RepairPal Fair Price Guarantee.
  • Issue Forecast: Use our predictive analysis tool to spot likely car problems and take steps to avoid them.
  • Incident History Report: Get previous owner information, accident history, odometer check, & more before you buy a used vehicle.
  • Emissions Precheck: Test your emissions at home before wasting time (& money) at a crowded emissions station.


If you have started a FIXD Premium trial, make sure to use the same email used during your purchase when you log in to the FIXD app. This will ensure that you are able to access your FIXD Premium features within the app. You should have also received an email titled “Thanks for joining FIXD Premium! *ACTION REQUIRED*” that you can reference should you run into any issues. Feel free to reach out to support@fixdapp.com for any other questions surrounding FIXD Premium.

Our tutorials can help you fix it yourself, or you can take it to one of our RepairPal Certified ® network shops. If you’re a premium member, your estimate is guaranteed… and you can talk to a mechanic live if you’re tackling repairs yourself!

If for some reason you have any questions or trouble installing it, simply email us at support@fixdapp.com