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Common Questions

We sell our FIXD sensor through the following locations:

You can find the FIXD pricing bundles here! 1 Sensor is $59.00, 2 sensors can be purchased for $88.00, and 3 sensors can be purchased for $118.00. The FIXD app is completely free, and there are no additional fees!

FIXD will work with any gasoline-powered vehicle (including hybrids) sold in the United States during or after 1996. FIXD is compatible with both gas and diesel vehicles sold outside of the United States that are 2006 and newer. It will not work on electric vehicles, motorcycles, RVs, or large trucks. We are currently in beta testing for pickup trucks with diesel engines and have had success with models made after 2008. 

Your car does not need Bluetooth, but you will need Bluetooth on your phone! All smart phones come pre-equipped with Bluetooth capabilities.

Currently, FIXD works with iPhones (iOS 10.3 or higher) and Android smartphones (4.1 or higher)! We are working on expanding compatibility to other devices including Windows smartphones, Blackberry, Notebooks and desktop computers.

You can leave the sensor plugged in for as long as you want if you are driving the vehicle frequently. If your car will be sitting for a week or more, we recommend removing the sensor.

Currently, FIXD reads the check engine light. We are working on expanding the sensors capabilities so that we can read other lights like TPMS, ABS, Airbag, Maintenance lights, Stability Control, etc!

Product Setup

Need additional help?  Check out this page for more information about setting up FIXD.

Install the FIXD app then follow these simple steps for sensor setup: Launch the FIXD app, turn Bluetooth on, register an account and input your sensor information, plug the sensor in, start your car, and then start scanning by tapping the wrenches!

Launch the FIXD app, and click the the multi car icon in the left side menu. Select the “+” button to add a vehicle.

Launch the FIXD app, go to “my sensors” located under the right side menu, and select “add sensors”.

Launch the FIXD app, go to “my account” under the right side menu, and make the necessary changes.

Launch the FIXD app, scan for codes, press details, let the freeze frames load, then select the “clear engine light” button at the bottom of the screen.

Technical Support

General Tips:

Make sure you have the latest version of the app installed. Update through the App store or Play store.

You will need at least 3 bars of cellular connection to register and connect to our server. Try connecting with and without wifi. 

Leave your car running for at least 5 seconds before trying to connect. Some cars can take a few seconds to communicate.

Restart the sensor and the FIXD app by logging out of your account, closing out of the FIXD app, and disconnecting the sensor.

Possible Causes: If you are having problems connecting, there might be an issue with the port of the vehicle or the sensor. Check the connection, and ensure there is a blue light that flashes when the sensor is plugged in.


  • Turn Bluetooth on in the settings menu for your smartphone.
  • Close out of the FIXD App completely by opening your list of active apps and swipe the FIXD App to close, or by restarting your phone.
  • Plug in the FIXD Sensor.
  • Start your car and leave it running.
  • Launch the FIXD app and it should connect to the sensor.
If you receive a “no network connection available” error, make sure that you are connected to wifi or have a cellular data connection. You should have at least three bars of connection. If you are using wifi and receive this error, turn wifi off and use your cellular data to connect.

Possible Causes: Problem syncing can be caused by slow responses from vehicles,  an outdated version of the app, or interruptions in loading.


  • Restart the sensor connection.
    • Do so by unplugging the sensor, logging out of your account, and closing out of the FIXD app.
    • Relaunch the FIXD app, login to your account, plug the sensor in to your vehicle, wait 5 seconds before connecting to the sensor.
    • Make sure that you have three bars of cellular coverage while connecting to the sensor.

Possible Causes: If you are unable to load information about your vehicle, most likely there is a network error preventing the information from saving to our servers.


  • Make sure you have at least 3 bars of cellular coverage.
  • Try connecting with and without wifi.
  • Double check that there are no extra spaces in the VIN.

Possible Causes:  A ‘Vehicle Is Missing Tasks’ error could means either you do not have network connection to load the timeline or we currently do not have the vehicle’s codes in our database.


  • Make sure you have 3 bars of cell coverage to ensure it is not a network connection issue.
  • Please contact with your Make, Model, and Year and we would be happy to add your vehicle’s timeline to our database.

Possible Causes: Some cars will not respond to the command to clear the light until a certain amount of miles have been driven for the vehicle.


  • Clear the Check Engine Light after completing the necessary repairs and drive your vehicle for at least 30 miles to shut off the light.
  • Let the freeze frames load, then wait 10 seconds before pressing the button to clear the light. This will give the car time to respond to the new command.
    **If the code pertains to emissions, you will be unable to clear the light. If the issue is not addressed, the light will continue to come back on until the issue is fixed.

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