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Save time & money

Want to avoid a trip to the repair shop and $100+ diagnostic fee? We’ll show you the 6 steps to accurately diagnose your P0300 code so you can save time and money.

Most likely causes

There are many things that could cause your engine to misfire and trigger a P0300 code. This easy-to-follow guide walks you through the most likely causes (and how to fix them) so you can get back on the road fast.

Clear your code

Once we’ve shown you how to narrow down what’s causing your check engine light and fix the issue, we’ll show you how to clear the code. It’s easier than you might think!

See how to fix code P0300 today!

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Justin has researched, edited, and authored hundreds of articles on OBD2 codes. In addition to writing about cars for FIXD, Justin is a lifelong gearhead who has written for RideApart, The Drive, Autotrader Oversteer, and Right Foot Down. He enjoys vehicles so much that he lives in one, a 2004 Ford E250 camper van that he built, traveling the US with his cat, Lister.