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What Is the Average EGR Valve Replacement Cost?


The Average Cost for EGR Valve Replacement Is $251-$413, Depending On if You Go to the Mechanic or DIY.

This price range is based on national averages for all vehicles and does not factor in taxes, fees, or your particular make and model. Related repairs or maintenance, such as EGR valve gasket replacement, may also be required. For a more accurate estimate based on your make, model, and location, use the RepairPal Fair Price Estimator.

Get a more accurate estimate for your EGR valve replacement using RepairPal’s Fair Price Estimator:

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Cost at the Mechanic: $332-$413

  • Parts: $251-$311
  • Labor: $81-$103

It should only take one to two hours to perform an EGR valve replacement. Faulty EGR valves aren’t very common, but replacing them when they break can reduce emissions and improve the performance of your vehicle.

Cost to DIY: $251-$311

You can save some money by replacing the EGR valve yourself. You will need some tools, but you may already have these in your garage. The main factor in the difficulty of this job is where the EGR valve is located on your engine. If it’s right on top, it’s very easy. If it’s buried underneath other parts like the intake manifold, it could be much more difficult.

Keep in Mind

The EGR valve’s replacement cost may vary depending on whether your vehicle uses a vacuum-operated or electronically controlled EGR valve. There are many different EGR valves, and not all valves fit all vehicles. Be sure to choose the right part to fit your vehicle. If you’re not sure, always refer to your owner’s or repair manual.

What Is an EGR Valve?

The exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve is responsible for recirculating air from the exhaust back into the combustion chamber. This process helps the engine run more efficiently, as well as reduces the level of nitrogen oxide in your exhaust. The EGR valve is an important component for reducing harmful environmental pollutants.

What Does an EGR Valve Replacement Include?

A mechanic will first troubleshoot the EGR valve problem to make sure that’s what is causing the symptoms. At first, the mechanic may try to clean the valve. However, if that doesn’t work, or if the EGR valve is damaged, he or she will replace it. An EGR replacement usually includes an EGR transducer test, a thorough inspection of the vacuum hoses, cleaning of carbon deposits, and a final test of the valve to ensure it’s working properly.

When you take your vehicle to a repair shop for an EGR valve replacement, it shouldn’t take more than two hours to complete. If the mechanic has to replace other parts, this repair could take longer.

What Happens If You Don’t Get an EGR Valve Replacement?

You may or may not be able to drive your vehicle with a bad EGR valve. Sometimes, the valve may only affect the pollutants that your vehicle emits. Other times, a faulty EGR valve can affect the vehicle’s performance. Your engine may lose power or misfire at times, while other times it may seem to run perfectly. This happens because the engine is expecting a certain amount of air to burn in the engine, but a malfunctioning valve provides either too much or too little, depending on whether it’s stuck closed or open. In either case, combustion does not take place the way the engine computer expected it to, and it runs poorly.

It’s also important to note that some states have vehicle emission requirements. A bad EGR valve may cause your vehicle to fail emissions testing, requiring repairs before it’s allowed back on the road. A faulty EGR valve can trigger a check engine light, and trouble codes like P0401 or P400.

How Often to Replace an EGR Valve

There’s no set schedule for how often you should replace the EGR valve. They can last the life of the vehicle in some cars. People who drive less frequently are more likely to have problems with the EGR valve because shorter commutes can lead to a higher carbon deposit buildup in the valve. Scheduling an air induction service every 50,000 miles may help your EGR valve last longer. This maintenance task removes sludge and carbon from the intake system, which can prevent the EGR valve from failing.

As always, maintenance schedules and needs vary depending on your vehicle’s make and model. For more information on how and when to complete oil changes, check your owner’s manual for specific maintenance schedules.

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Common Symptoms You Need an EGR Valve Replacement

These symptoms mean it’s time to have the EGR valve replaced:

  • The engine runs poorly
  • Check engine light
  • Rough idle
  • The engine won’t start
  • Failed emission test

The symptoms of a faulty EGR valve vary, depending on whether the valve is stuck open or closed. You may be able to clean the EGR valve to enable it to open and close properly once again.

Related Maintenance Services

The following services are commonly performed with an EGR valve replacement:

  • EGR valve gasket replacement

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FIXD Research Team

At FIXD, our mission is to make car ownership as simple, easy, and affordable as possible. Our research team utilizes the latest automotive data and insights to create tools and resources that help drivers get peace of mind and save money over the life of their car.

We’re here to help you simplify car care and save, so this post may contain affiliate links to help you do just that. If you click on a link and take action, we may earn a commission. However, the analysis and opinions expressed are our own.


About the Author

FIXD Research Team

FIXD Research Team

At FIXD, our mission is to make car ownership as simple, easy, and affordable as possible. Our research team utilizes the latest automotive data and insights to create tools and resources that help drivers get peace of mind and save money over the life of their car.

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