How Much Does An Oil Change Cost?

FIXD wants to make sure that we report the most accurate price estimates for repairs and maintenance as possible! In order to do this, we consult with real mechanics to get honest answers about what a specific car repair might cost. We report not only the cost of the repair, but also any additional add-ons. These add-ons include any service that our mechanics feel would most likely accompany the original repair.

Maintenance: Engine Oil Change

Estimated Price at the Mechanic: $49.99-$119.99

Most mechanics say you can wait until you’ve reached around 7,500 miles before you have to change your oil. The timeline for when to change your motor oil can vary drastically depending on your specific vehicle, so the most efficient way to determine when you should change your oil is by consulting your handy owner’s manual.

Many sites will tell you that an oil change can cost you as little as $20, but after talking to mechanics, we found out that the price of oil changes have been steadily increasing over the last decade. This increase in price is mostly due to improvements in oil quality, along with the newer trend of mechanics including a new oil filter with every oil change. While the difference between $49.99 and $119.99 seems quite large, the average cost of an oil change is toward the lower end of that spectrum unless you drive a higher-end vehicle that requires very special oil.

Breakdown of Price: $25-$60 for Oil and Filter ; $25-$60 for Labor

The price of oil can vary greatly depending on the type of oil your vehicle needs. Synthetic oils are engineered to have superior qualities compared to conventional oils, and therefore they are more expensive. Click here to read FIXD’s article explaining the difference between the two!

There is also the cost of the filter. Oil filters are not typically that expensive, normally $5-$15. But as was mentioned above, mechanics have recently started to almost always include them when changing a vehicle’s oil.

In terms of labor, the variation in cost lies in the location of the mechanic shop you are going to. The price of labor at shops that are in urban areas is most likely going to be higher  than shops outside of the city.

Mechanic vs. DIY: Mechanic $49.99-$119.99 vs. DIY $25-$60

We at FIXD are always supportive of car owners trying to learn more about their vehicles and taking a shot at the DIY lifestyle, but in the case of changing your oil, we recommend that you let the mechanic do the work. Although the DIY price estimate seems significantly lower, it doesn’t factor in the price of your time and labor, and oil changes, if done incorrectly, can be quite tedious.

If you do decide that changing your own oil is right for you, click here to get step-by-step instructions outlining exactly how to do it!

 Projected Add-On Costs: Oil Filter $5-$15

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April 8, 2020

How much would it cost to flush and change the fluid,How often should l have this service done?


April 17, 2020

I was looking for: oil type and filter number.

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