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P0316 – Meaning, Causes, Symptoms, & Fixes

Code P0316 Definition

Engine Misfire Detected on Startup (First 1000 Revolutions)

What Does Code P0316 Mean?

Code P0316 is triggered when your Engine Control Module (ECM) detects that the position of either your vehicle’s crankshaft or camshaft is outside of its parameters, which can lead to an engine misfire upon starting. The ECM uses information relating to the crankshaft position, the camshaft position, and RPM of the engine to determine ignition timing and fuel delivery. If any on these are outside of their designated parameters, the engine will misfire.

There are several other codes that typically go along with code P0316, and it is important that you clear these first before confronting the main issue. These codes include: P0300, P0301, P0302, P0303, P0304, P0305, P0305, P0306, P0307, P0308, P0309, P0310, P0311, P0312.

 What Are the Symptoms of Code P0316?

  • Check Engine Light
  • Poor Idle
  • Rough Engine Start
  • Poor Fuel Economy
  • Poor Engine Performance

What Causes Code P0316?

  • Faulty Ignition System Components
  • Faulty Ignition Coil
  • Faulty Fuel Injector
  • Lack of * Proper * Fuel
  • Faulty Crankshaft or Camshaft Position Sensors
  • Damaged or Frayed Crankshaft Position Sensor Wires
  • Engine Vacuum Leaks

How Serious Is Code P0316?- Severe

Code P0316 is severe because it can affect your vehicle’s ability to start, along with affecting your vehicle’s ability to operate safely. If your car is experiencing Code P0316, it is imperative that you confront the problem as soon as possible.

 Code P0316 Common Diagnosis Mistakes:

A common diagnosis mistake is replacing the entire ignition system without first confronting the other codes that are associated with Code P0316. Often times, there is something wrong with a specific aspect of the ignition system, and replacing the entire thing is unnecessary.

 P0316 Diagnosis and Repair:

  • Tools Needed to Diagnose:
  • FIXD

Difficulty of Diagnosis and Repair

  1. Check to see if there are any other codes along with P0316 and clear your Check Engine Light with FIXD. If other codes are present, it is important to address those first, clear the codes, and re-scan to see if Code P0316 still comes up.
  2. Check the freeze frame data in order to pinpoint the issue.
  3. Conduct a visual inspection of wiring around the crankshaft and camshaft position sensors for possible wire fraying or disconnection.
  4. Make sure that you do not have low levels. Make sure that the fuel you are using is of good quality.
  5. Check to see if the catalytic converter is clogged or if the fuel injector is faulty. If the fuel injector or ignition coils are faulty, consider replacing them.
  6. Check that the EGR valve is functioning properly.
  7. Check if there is a specific cylinder that is misfiring, and if so, fix it.
  8. If Code P0316 is still present, consider replacing the crankshaft or camshaft position sensors.

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  1. I wanted to see how smart the computer on this vehicle is and had it idle for long periods of time and time means min of 30 minutes each time max of 60 minutes

    1. Okay thank you I will ideal it then what ⁉️

    2. No we go and stop start idle for a few minutes and then we go to and stop turning the car off

  2. Got off the expressway after an hour and forty five minutes and my 2003 e150 started misfiring. It did it several times. Pulled this code when I got home. No check engine light is on? Maybe hot spot in cylinder? Van has been running great but this misfiring has me concerned.

  3. Yes
    I think I have eliminated everything but a possible vacuum leak which I cannot locate.
    I have a p-0308 code at higher speed and I have already replaced coil, plugs and injector.

  4. I solved the Issue on my 2008 F150 By changing the Fuel Filter it was clogged pretty good thanks to my Brother driving the vehicle and making the suggestion

  5. Service engine light came on, FIXD displayed #7 cylinder misfire
    Changed coil, PROBLEM FIXD !!

  6. Although I never got a check engine light this code came up on fixd. Earlier I had a mouse chew on one of my injector wires. They were bare & I taped them up. Reset the code & scanned again, all good! Thanks fixd

  7. if u get a can of break cleaner and spray around the intake u mite find
    also the elbow in the back was very common for leaking
    my friend ford f150 was so bad u could hear it but i got a can
    of break cleaner out and sprayed and found that the elbow
    for the pcv was leaking but be carfule bc its famvable
    but thats the cheap and easy way of finding it

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