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P0463 – Meaning, Causes, Symptoms, & Fixes

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Code P0463 Definition

Fuel Level Sensor Circuit High Input

What Does P0463 Mean?

The P0463 code is triggered when your vehicle’s powertrain control module (PCM) detects inaccurate fuel level readings from the fuel level sensor. The fuel level sensor alerts the PCM of the amount of fuel in the fuel tank. As a result of this code, the check engine light is illuminated due to the fuel level sensor indicating there’s more fuel in the tank than the tank can physically hold.

What Are the Symptoms of Code P0463?

  • Check engine light
  • Fuel light
  • Fluctuating fuel gauge

What Causes Code P0463?

  • Faulty fuel level sensor
  • Faulty fuel level pump
  • Malfunctioning fuel level sensor float
  • Damaged fuel tank
  • Frayed wiring/connection to fuel sensor harness

How Serious Is Code P0463? -Low

This trouble code will not prevent your vehicle from running. The most common result(s) is being unable to tell the fuel level of your vehicle. However, if left unsolved, this code could increase the likelihood of your vehicle running out of gas putting the driver into an inconvenient situation.

Code P0463 Common Diagnosis Mistakes

Prematurely replacing the Fuel level pump before attempting to visually inspect the wiring around the fuel level sensor for chafed/frayed wiring.

Tools Needed to Diagnose:

How to Diagnose and Repair Code P0463:

Difficulty of Diagnosis and Repair – (1-4)

  1. Check to see if there are any other codes along with P0463 and clear your Check Engine Light with FIXD.
  2. Check the freeze frame data and fuel gauge in order to pinpoint the issue (whether there is more or less gas in the tank than there actually is).
  3. Test the fuel gauge reading by adding a couple gallons of gas to your vehicle and inspecting the fuel gauge after fueling to verify an accurate fuel reading.
  4. Conduct a visual inspection of wiring around the fuel level sensor and surrounding harness for fraying or disconnection.
  5. If the problem persists, consider replacing the fuel pump.


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  1. What just happened to me earlier was, I needed a jump so i brought my battery jumper out and placed it over and on the air filter or carburetor cover and radiator. It sits more sturdy there and it can reach the turminals. Well i placed. The red cable to the positive. and black to the neg. i set the charger on got in my 2006 frontier and turned the key. At the same time the engine was turning over the battery jumper slid moved a bit. Causing the positive cable to snap off leaving the negative intacked on the negative terinal while i jumped out of the cab to undue the thenjumper that is when i noticed what had happen. I quickly turned off the jumper and disengaged the negative cable. Then my truck started making a loud clicikng sound. I drove it around a bit. Then went home . Three hours later i went to start it up . again i needed a jump. I jumped it. Took off and notice my engine light on now. And now my fixd code is PO463.

    Im suspecting. Im dealing with
    coded: PO463
    Frayed wiring/connection to fuel sensor. Because something had to happen when neg cable was left attached to the battery while the battery jumper was connected and in the ON position. Im thinking something backfired . im hoping no severe damage. Please somebody that has the knowledge please tell me what to look for and do. anybody .Im a Damsel in distress!

    1. I seriously doubt that the jumper cable disconnecting had anything to do with frayed wires, which in this case would most likely be at the fuel pump/ wiring harness interface. A dead battery by itself can cause electrical anomalies, and is more likely the reason the PCM was confused about fuel level. The question here would be do you have an issue either related to or coincident with the dead battery, or do you have a problem with your fuel level sensor that you didn’t know about. First, fix the battery issue so you do not have recurring dead battery problems. Then, have someone clear the code and drive normally. If it comes back, you have a problem at the fuel tank. If it does not come back, it was just an issue due to electrical fluctuations with a dead battery and a jump start, which you can disregard.

    2. My 2005 chevy Silverado left blinker doesn’t work i have checked the bulbs there good checked fuses good wiring is good ..when i put the blinker on and hit the brakes the left blinker light comes on and stays on until i let the brake off. ??

      1. I had this problem with my Astro van on the right blinker, I bought a new harness for the bulb Wich came with one wire instead of two, I connected the one wire and disregarded the second wire and lights work perfectly

    3. It’s probably internal in the tank if it was me I get the tank dropped unplug the wiring harness look at the wires check for voltage on the sending unit side if that checks out ok then I would change the pump assembly have you ever ran it below a 1/4 tank

  2. Mine caused by hitting deep water at high speed. Dried out after 36 hours.

  3. i changed my alternator on my 2005 chevy tahoe and then drove about 400 miles with no problems at all the next day my †ruck comes up with a check engine light so i get home from work and plug in my obd reader and nothing at all. i had no power coming out of my OBD port under the dash so i look up how to fix it and come to find out the OBD port is powered by the cigar lighter fuse under the hood. i change the fuse and obd reader works. dosnt really bother me because i havent had a fuel gage for over a year now, but first time it threw a code.

  4. Code P0463 Instructions say not to let someone try to sell me a whole new sensor unit or fuel pump until I visually check the wires to the sensor looking for chafing, disconnect, or frayed wires. I went to an auto supply store and they could not find any such units for my car and tried to find fuel sensors and pumps for other cars that might work on my 2006 Hyundai Azera LE. Where are these wires that I am supposed to inspect? Do I have to go to a dealership to get this repaired?

    1. My problem is just the opposite. Had the fuel pump replaced.drove it 500 miles and it was fine. Husband was driving into work this morning and all of a sudden the low fuel light come on and the car just died. We had to have it towed home. The gas gauge is not working, the low fuel light is on and also check engine light. I went ahead and put 2 gallons of gas in the tank. The Gage did not move and the car would not start. Added another 3 gallons of gas and I knew the tank was full because the gas came out the spout. Try to start the car and it started. I knew I had to have had better than a half a tank in the car when it died on the road. I have started the car 12 times and it has started. With that being said the low fuel light is still on, the engine light is still on and the gas gauge it’s not moving.

      1. Frankly, you should take your vehicle back to whomever replaced your pump. There are two possible issues at first glance. 1, the “new” pump has failed or is failing and should be warrantied; or 2, the connector to the pump is loose or a wire is loose causing intermittent failure of the system. My understanding is that a failure of the fuel level sender inside the tank (and associated with the new pump) will not cause the engine to stop or interfere with a restart. But a faulty connection at the fuel pump, which contains both the wires to the pump and wires to the sender, could cause either the low fuel warning when the tank is obviously not empty, or could cause the pump to stop working. The fuel injected engine relies on constant high pressure from the pump. If the pump fails or the wires disconnect, the engine will stop almost immediately, and will not restart. An intermittent fault (wiggle fault) can cause problems to come and go randomly. So take it back to your repair station and have them pull the tank and verify pump, sender, and all connections.

  5. “Check to see if there are any other codes along with P0463 and clear your Check Engine Light with FIXD.”

    Can the FIXD tool actually clear this code? I would think not, since it’s emissions related.

    1. Yeah my 05 Ford explorer has a fuel cap can that maybe be the problem

  6. will the fuel sensor cause 2014 dodge grand caravan to fail emissions?

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