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How To Cancel GAP Insurance On Your Dodge

Green Dodge challenger hellcat car on the street

How can I cancel Dodge GAP insurance? If you want to cancel your Dodge GAP insurance, you’ll have to follow the cancellation instructions listed in the GAP contract you signed when you purchased your coverage. Dodge and other automotive manufacturers owned by Stellantis (such as Chrysler, Fiat, and Jeep) do not offer their own in-house […]

How To Cancel GAP Insurance on Your Buick

GAP insurance Guaranteed Asset Protection policy and pen.

GAP insurance (aka Guaranteed Asset Protection or Guaranteed Auto Protection) is an addition to an auto insurance policy that some car buyers opt into when purchasing a new car. Whether you want to cancel GAP insurance because you got rid of your car, because you’ve paid off the loan early, or for any other reason, […]

How To Cancel Gap Insurance On Your Chrysler

Gap insurance concept icon. Mortgage money. Refund for car cost difference. Damage from accident. Financial aid idea thin line illustration. Vector isolated outline RGB color drawing. Editable stroke

General Asset Protection (GAP) insurance can help protect you from the risk of an outstanding balance on a loan for a car you no longer have due to it being totaled in an accident or stolen. This outstanding balance is often referred to as a deficiency balance and it is not something anyone wants to […]

Which States Allow Auto Loan Prepayment Penalties?

Loan Prepayment Penalty concept. Man is holding blackboard.

When the vehicle payoff letter appears in the mail, it’s one of the best feelings for car owners. It’s proof that you can finally cross those monthly auto loan payments off of your list, and get the title to your car in your own name.  However, if you paid off your vehicle loan earlier than […]

How To Cancel GAP Insurance on Your Cadillac

Black Cadillac CT6 2016

Besides being a well-regarded manufacturer of luxury automobiles, Cadillac also offers GAP insurance coverage on all its new, used, and leased vehicles.  If you purchased Cadillac GAP insurance back when you bought your car, you might now be wondering how to cancel that GAP coverage. Whatever your reason for wanting to cancel your Cadillac GAP […]

Complete Guide to 120-Month Auto Loans in 2022

10-year loans are a relatively new way to finance the car of your dreams. But how do they work, and are they worth it? Some experts will tell you a 120-month auto loan is a bad idea. This post also tells you that, but we’ll actually tell you why a 120-month loan is a dangerous […]

What You Need to Know About Auto Loans for High-Mileage Cars

Cars with high mileage of more than 200,000 kilometers

“They don’t make them like this anymore.” That’s a common saying you’ll hear about older cars versus newer models. Depending on which side of the vehicle argument you’re on, a high-mileage car may be the way to go. According to Consumer Reports, a high-mileage car can last as long as 200,000 miles. How? High-mileage cars […]

How To Get An Auto Loan In Dallas, Texas, & Where To Find The Best Loans

Dallas, Texas cityscape with blue sky at sunset in USA

If you live in Dallas, you need a car. In fact, the Dallas-Fort Worth area ranked near the bottom of the list of worst places in the United States to live without a car. Buying a car isn’t cheap, but fortunately, there are plenty of auto loan lenders out there willing to help you finance […]

What You Need To Know: Auto Loan Deficiencies and the Statute of Limitations

Black book Statute of limitations (SOL) on a court desk.

What is the statute of limitations? The statute of limitations restricts how much time someone has to file a lawsuit after an event. For example, if you know someone stole your car, you may only have a certain number of years to file legal proceedings against them to get it back. The limit on the […]

144-Month Auto Loans: What You Need to Know

Notepad with loan question inside a sketch of a house with a miniature car and calculator

Auto loans are getting longer, and while the average car loan is just under 72 months (6 years), some lenders are willing to offer financing for 144 months.  A 144-month auto loan is like any other car loan, but it comes with a longer repayment term spanning 12 years.  Most lenders won’t give you the […]