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P0507 – Meaning, Causes, Symptoms, & Fixes

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What Does P0507 Mean?

The P0507 code is triggered when the Engine Control Module (ECM) detects that the engine is idling higher than the specified idle rpm range. The standard engine idle is usually between 600-800rpm based on the model of the vehicle.

What Are the Symptoms of Code of P0507?

  • Check Engine Light
  • Hard to start engine
  • Rough engine idle
  • High engine idle
  • Harsh engagement into drive or reverse due to high rpm at idle
  • Engine stalling

What Is the Cause of Code P0507?

  • Faulty Idle Air Controller (IAC) Valve
  • Intake/vacuum air leak (most likely cause)
  • Faulty power steering pressure switch
  • Faulty electric throttle control actuator
  • Improperly adjusted throttle cable
  • Carbon buildup on the throttle body

What Is the Severity of Code P0507? – Low

This trouble code will not prevent your vehicle from driving, but you may experience engine stalling, high idle rpm, harsh engagement of transmission, difficulty starting, and/or surging idle. 

Code P0507 Common Diagnosis Mistakes

Prematurely replacing the power steering pressure switch, throttle body, or idle air control valve before attempting to visually inspect and clean the carbon buildup in the idle air valve and/or throttle body, or check for vacuum leaks.

Tools Needed to Diagnose Code P0507:

  • FIXD
  • Throttle body cleaner
  • Idle air control valve cleaner
  • Rags
  • Spray bottle of water
  • Basic hand tools

How to Diagnose Code P0507:

Difficulty of Diagnosis: 3 out of 5

  1. Check to see if there are any other codes along with P0507 and clear your Check Engine Light with FIXD
  2. Check the freeze frame data in an attempt to pinpoint the issue.
  3. Conduct a visual and audible inspection of the vacuum lines, and any intake connections to make sure there are no signs of disconnection or outside air leaks. (This includes the intake pipe between the throttle body and MAF)
  4. Listen for a hissing sound which can be a sign of a vacuum leak.
  5. Spray water over intake area and listen for idle rpm stumble. If it goes down there is an intake leak. Concentrate the stream on different hoses and gaskets until you find your leak.
  6. Remove carbon buildup from idle air valve and throttle body using their corresponding cleaners, ensure opening and closing capability. (DO NOT spray the throttle body with the cleaner, spray it on a rag and wipe the butterfly surfaces and housing clean.)
  7. If the vehicle has a cable operated throttle body make sure the cable isn’t adjusted too tight causing the throttle to be slightly opened. If it is out of adjustment, adjust to spec and retest.
  8. If the idle is still too high, the vehicle may need to have the idle air volume relearned. Most automotive repair facilities can perform this service.
  9. If the aforementioned steps have not been successful, consider replacing the power steering pressure switch, idle air control valve, or electronic throttle body.

Estimated Cost of Repair

For error code P0507, one or more of the below repairs may be needed to solve the underlying issue. For each possible repair, the estimated cost of repair includes the cost of the relevant parts and the cost of labor required to make the repair.

  • Clean Throttle Body $150-$250 labor $20-$40 in parts
  • Clean Idle Air Control Valve $150-$350 labor $20-$40 in parts
  • Fix Intake/Vacuum Leak $150-$250
  • Power Steering Pressure Sensor $200-$350
  • Electronic Throttle Body $600-$1000
  • Idle Air Control Valve $150-$600
  • Throttle cable adjustment $50-$100
  • Idle Air Volume Learn $100-$200


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  1. high idle vw touareg sport v6 2012
    i have checked for vacuum leaks and cleaned yhe throttle.
    i probably need an idle control valve. can i buy from you guys.
    idle air control valve.

    1. Hi Atnaud!
      We are currently working towards being able to provide our users with a way to purchase parts directly from us, but we are not quite there yet. We recommend looking to amazon to find the best parts.

      Thanks, FIXD Team

      1. What do you mean by “check the freeze frame data”?

  2. only thing is /my 2008 jeep grand Cherokee doe’s have an idle control valve.

  3. it could be the throttle body

  4. 2002 chevy impala 3.4l v6 base model. High idle.. Cleaned and replaced idle air control vale and compartment inspected for vaccuum leaks and nothing still hig idle. What do i do

  5. I hope someone can help me, I have a 2004 Dodge Durango 4.7, I just had the heads done valve cover gasgets, new coils, new hoses on the radiator, drove it one day I have a P0507 CODE AND A p0402 code, I am just like now what is wrong with it can anyone help me? I looked the codes up but it is not idleing high it seems to be running very smooth has pleanty of power

  6. 2004 jeep liberty 3.7, was idling high and a real pain to drive, replaced the throttle position sensor and cleaned throttle body… 2 weeks went by and it started acting up again, my coworker took off the TPS reinstalled it and fixed for a day, acted up again so I took it to o’reilly and a guy messed with it, brought rpms up to 3k and said he couldn’t do anything that I need an idle air control valve- drove it for 24hrs. And now its running normal.. Threw 3 codes- p0507 x2, and TPS low circuit I believe.. Im sure I have vaccume leak, IV had one since I bought this 6 months ago.

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